I’ve been getting the best night sleep these past three days! It feels amazing to sleep for hours on end without waking up in the middle of the night. Ricardo and I were both home today, so we made the most out of it and just spent the whole day being absolute goofballs, as per usual. I swear, if people ever saw us home alone together, they would never believe we’re a day over 16 haha. We’re just such kids and have such stupid, silly jokes. Yesterday we spent about 15 minutes roasting each other for things we do (or don’t in this case) around the house, and we were laughing like crazy people. Sometimes we crawl around after each other on the floor making dog noises. Honestly, I think if we ever had a vlog channel, people would think we’re putting it on for the camera, but really, we do these stupid things all the time... and I bloody love it! I think it’s the secret to our relationship :-D

We ordered food from Brown’s for dinner and oh my! That was the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. I’m not really a meat person, I much prefer fish, however, these past few days I’ve been craving a good steak, and this one hit the spot. We’ve also been catching up on the third season of Narcos. It’s incredible, I love that series. Tomorrow I’ll be going to work, it feels like a very long time since I’ve flown. I feel like I’ve really made the most out of my days off and enjoyed every single second. I’m in such a positive mind frame at the moment. The only thing I’m missing right now is a dog and then my life would be complete haha. 

My dad has always known how to play the piano, and he plays amazing music! However he doesn’t have a piano in our house in London, so my mum decided to get him one as his Christmas present this year. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he unwraps it :-D Also can’t wait to hear him play on Christmas day. It’s only a few days away, what the heck? Time really does fly, doesn’t it? 

Lots of love, SFS.

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