I’ve just finished watching a film called Christmas Inheritance on Netflix and I bloody loved it. Really good, easy watch for the evening. As expected, my day went super well today. I flew with amazing people and ended up going out for lunch with some of our closest friends. We all had a little look in the shops for some Christmas hair decorations and for onesies. We will be spending New Year’s Eve at our friends house and we’ve all planned to wear onesies for it. I still haven’t found mine, but I’ve had a look on ASOS and they have quite a good selection. 

Our friends came to the house for a coffee after lunch and we watched Love Actually together. It’s my second time watching it and I am definitely not complaining haha. If I don’t get called into work tomorrow, I have something special that I want to do with Ricardo. I’ll let you know what it is if we actually manage to do it. On another note, my lips are so dry! Doesn’t matter how much lip balm I apply, they just feel so sore. Guess it’s down to the cold weather. If you have any recommendations on how to nurse them back to life, please let me know!

Ricardo went to play basketball this evening and brought me some Ebi Katsu’s from Wagamama. It made my night! I swear I could eat them all the time. If you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly suggest you do! I’ve also been working on my Christmas Wishlist blog post, I feel like I keep banging on about the same thing, but I am struggling to work with an app I downloaded for the photo collage. I paid for this app, so I don’t want to give up on it. I’ll google some tips on how to use it tomorrow and hopefully the post will be up this Sunday.

I’ve been doing this ‘no screen before bed’ thing and I must say that I’ve noticed a massive difference on how well I sleep. I fall asleep much quicker, I don’t wake up with a headache and I feel like I sleep deeper too. Don’t know if it’s psychological or if it actually works, but nevertheless, I am enjoying it a lot! So I'm off to go do that right now :-)

See you tomorrow.
Lots of love, SFS.

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