Guess who had a cheeky lay in this morning? Moi! I’ve had the best day! I know I keep saying this recently, but I’m just having the best time lately. I started my day off by reading a new book I downloaded onto my Kindle. Quite hard to get into, but I think I’m onto the bit where the book actually starts, so I’m excited to see how it goes. I was feeling a little bored this afternoon, but Ricardo convinced me to go go-karting with some of our work friends. Last time I went there was another group of people on the track with us, and four karts hit into the back of me, and I had really bad whiplash. I even had to exit the track and file a 7 page report. So I was a little scared this time, but it was 17 of us work people, we had the track to ourselves, so I went around telling everyone to back off my kart :-P I don’t drive either, don’t even have a license, so I’m not the most skilled kart driver, but I must say I did pretty good. Didn’t come last at least haha. 

14 of us ended up going out for dinner together after the race, it was such a lovely group of people and ugh, I can’t tell you how happy I am :-) Will definitely want to repeat it! My arms feel like jelly right now, can you tell I haven’t been to the gym? Haha! I really should go back soon. I need to get some new gym wear, hopefully that will bring back my motivation. It’s weird, but a new gym kit always does the trick for me. 

I’m meant to be on home standby again tomorrow. Loving life! I had such a busy few months, that if these next couple of weeks go to plan, I will have such a relaxing time. I’m also really looking forward to Christmas day, can’t wait for Ricardo to see what I got him, eek!! Also just want to go home to London and spend time with all my family. I feel so fortunate and lucky to be able to spend it with them every year. Also, apologies for the lack of 'blog worthy photos' throughout this month, I just thought I'd share more random-type ones that I don't get to share when I write proper posts. Hope that's ok.

Sweet dreams x
Lots of love, SFS.

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