My home standby starts in 3h and I am still awake, and on 2h30 sleep since yesterday. I don’t know how I do it either haha! Although to be fair, I did have a cheeky 1h nap this afternoon. I had the BEST day at work today, especially considering how tired I was and all that. We’ve had a lot of new people join, which is like a breath of fresh air really. There’s this girl that really reminds me of one of my best friends, Becca, and this girl also shares the same name. It’s so funny how you associate names to people sometimes, like, the name Becca for me now is always linked to something positive and every time I meet someone with that name, I just know we’ll get along :-) 

I think I’m coming down with a cold, hope I’m wrong. I’ve been sneezing the whole day and have used up so many tissues, it’s a joke! I’ve been taking all the vitamin C I can take, and taking paracetamol to hopefully avoid it getting any worse. I didn’t help myself by going out in a t-shirt, mini shorts and a thin trench coat last night, did I? Oops. The things us girls do haha. By the way, have you guys heard the Singing Dentists new song, Mans Got Floss? Omg, quite possible the best thing I’ve ever listened to, couldn’t stop laughing when I first heard it. Absolutely brilliant!!

I finally managed to find an app that does collages, so if I don’t get called into work in the morning, I’ll be working on my ‘Christmas Wishlist’ blog post. I can’t guarantee when it’ll be up. but I want it to go up by the end of this week.

Hope you all had a day as nice as mine x
Lots of love, SFS.

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