MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! If I could bottle up what I’ve been feeling since yesterday and keep it for days when I’m feeling sad, I would. I’m just so filled with love, I almost cried last night haha. So first of all, sorry I am only posting today. I got called to fly on the 23rd like I said in my previous post and I had the best day. It was such an easy flight and such great crew. I flew with another cabin supervisor, so it was all very chilled. Flying with experienced people makes all the difference. Because of the early wakeup call, I ended up spending the rest of the day falling in and out of sleep on the sofa while Dynasty was playing in the background. I ended up ordering food for me and Ricardo from Brown’s again. Seriously, their steak is something else. 

Yesterday Ricardo went to work in the morning, but after he came back we got everything sorted and packed the car ready for our drive to London. We made a few stops along the way to drop off some Christmas presents to some of our friends. We got to meet this little one, Dorothy. She’s the cutest little pup you will ever meet. She greeted us with loads of jumps and kisses. My heart MELTED!! She made my absolute day and I spent the rest of the drive with a massive smile on my face. We got given this adorable Christmas card with her face on it and it’s now chilling in my parents living room so I can look at her beautiful face all the time. 

Last night we had such an amazing feast! My mum had the table set for us all, full of amazing food. We had Love Actually on TV and we were just enjoying our Christmas Eve meal together. We always celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so at midnight we all gathered around the Christmas tree to open the presents. I was incredibly lucky once again this year and got given some amazing gifts! I’ll be writing a post on what I got for Christmas soon, I’m just waiting to get back to Bristol so I can shoot the pictures :-) My mum got my dad a piano, and seeing his reaction when he unwrapped it was so heart warming. I thought he was going to cry! My dad had a stroke three years ago and hasn’t really been the same since. He went very quiet and not his usual bubbly self, so we thought that the piano would help cheer him up and it worked!! He was playing until 3am and it was so emotional to see how overjoyed he was. 

Today we spent the day together again and we also went to see some family members, including my gorgeous godson and his little baby brother, the newest member of our family. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas! Getting presents is awesome, but always be grateful for the family and friends you have around you. Be grateful for the house you live in and the food you have on the table. That’s all that really matters. 

Finally, thank you so much to those of you who have read my blog throughout blogmas. I know I don’t have the biggest following, but I appreciate each and every one of you who come by to see what this little sausage is writing. I’ve also learnt a few things about Blogmas, so hopefully next year I won’t make the same mistakes haha. 

Happy Christmas! 
Lots of love, SFS <3

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