Hey lovelies! I’ve literally just come into bed and started typing on my laptop. How was your day? I woke up an hour before my alarm was due to go off thanks to a nightmare. I was dreaming about paranormal activity haha, bloody hell, what a way to wake up! I made an effort to have a proper breakfast today and started working on a blog post that I will hopefully be sharing tomorrow (by tomorrow I actually mean today, it’s past midnight, but because I haven’t slept yet it still counts as today, if you get what I mean haha). I went to work in the afternoon, had a very short flight, but a very stressful day with a lot of paperwork involved. Who would’ve thought there is so much paperwork in aviation? Jeez! 

Me and Ricardo went for a cheeky McDonald’s after he picked me up from work. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but he picks me up and drives to me to work every single day. Whether I have a 6pm start, or a 5am one, he will wake up with me, make me breakfast while I do my makeup, irons a shirt for me if I need one, packs my bag for work, lunch and all that, and he will drive me there. What a man! I thought he would stop doing these things eventually, but we’ve lived together for 5 years and he’s still going strong. Back in the day when we didn’t have a car, he actually used to walk me to and from the bus stop. One of our old houses was 15mins away! Imagine walking that at 4 in the morning just so he could drop me off. He’s the bestest, I am a very lucky girl indeed! Thanks babe, if you’re reading <3 

Here's a pic I took a couple of months ago, channelling my inner Ariana LOL.

Also, got to mention I’m a Celeb - stop reading if you don’t want spoilers! How do you guys feel about Dennis being voted out? I’m well pleased. I liked him in the beginning until he started being a twat towards Iain. Iain has said he suffers with anxiety and the way some of the boys have been treating him in there is disgusting. Can’t believe adult men behave like that. I have the biggest respect for Iain. It must be pretty tough being in an environment where people are always trying to bring you down, and you have no one lifting you up but yourself. I don’t think I could manage. And it’s funny because I didn’t really like Iain when he first went in, but he’s grown on me massively. Still want Toff to win, but I hope Iain makes it to the final too :)

I think I’ll fall asleep watching Love Actually. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a few days now and completely forgot until earlier tonight. Ricardo is already asleep next to me bless him. He had a monstrous day today, so I bet he’s proper tired. Well babes, I’m off now. I’ll see you again tomorrow with another post. 

Sleep tight! 
Lots of love, SFS.

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