Ooh, it feels very weird not writing ‘Blogmas’ in the title haha. Can you believe that we’re almost in 2018? Time has flown by! I feel like time has flown ever since I turned 18. Today I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas. I know that these kind of posts are controversial, some people love them, some people absolutely hate them. I personally love reading these posts and I love watching those types of videos on YouTube, so I wanted to share what I got also. I don’t see these posts or videos as bragging, I don’t see it as showing off, I just see them as what they are; someone showing others what they got under the tree.

Let’s start with some lifestyle bits. Ricardo knew that I wanted to start a scrapbook this year to fill it with pictures and memories, so he gave me two printers, photo paper and a label maker. He also got me a massive scrapbook so I have loads of pages to fill. I can’t wait to get started :-D My friend Lilia also got me this super cute bottle that has star lights on the inside. It’s a very thoughtful gift about friendship and it’s currently living in my bedroom. My other group of friends got me this pamper evening set. They know me way too well and know that I love a good relaxing session. Lastly on this category, my mum got me a jewellery box. Like I mentioned previously during Blogmas, I am very into jewellery at the moment and plan on expanding my collection, so a jewellery box will come in very handy.

I got loads of beauty bits this Christmas and I was so excited about them all! Ricardo got me the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Masks. I tried them for the first time last night and was blown away by how much of a difference they make. He also got me one of my favourite foundations ever, the YSL Touche Eclat. He even got my shade right! Apparently he went through my makeup collection and had a look at the shades I wear in YSL foundations. Clever boy. My mum got me a MAC makeup set, which I fell in love with! It has a nude lipstick, brown eye kohl pencil, an eyeshadow duo, a mascara, a cream highlighter and a subtle pinky brown blush. She also got me a By Terry Aqua-Print eyeshadow in the shade Darling Muse. It also comes with a sharpener which I heard is really good. And lastly for beauty, my friends Apo and Veronika got me the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser which I’ve wanted to try for ages and some bath crystals which smell incredible.

I was lucky enough to get my favourite perfume combination from Ricardo, the Armani Prive Pivoine Suzhou and the Escentric Molecules 01. He loves me wearing these perfumes, so I guess that’s why he got them for me too <3 However, this will be the last bottle of Pivoine Suzhou that I will use, as I want it to be my wedding fragrance one day, and using it everyday until then will make it less special I think haha. Lastly on scents, my mum got me the YSL Black Opium fragrance which is so beautiful. Very strong but very feminine at the same time.

Now let’s move on to candles. My best friend Glace got me the Neom candle set that I included in my wishlist, how nice?! If you guys have never smelt a Neom candle, please do it! She also got me my favourite Jo Malone candle, Green Tomato Leaf. My friends Apo and Veronika got me this stunning Diptyque candle, it’s called Pomander. I had never smelt this before, but it smells divine! Very similar to the Neom candles actually.

On to some fashion bits now. I didn’t get much clothing, because as I mentioned in a previous post, I already bought a lot of clothes before going to Amsterdam, so I didn’t need a lot. However, my mum got me the softest and cosiest jumper from French Connection. It’s a little oversized and I might even be able to get away with wearing it as a dress with over the knee boots. I’ll have to try it. My brother ended up getting me the Ted Baker jumper that I wanted. How cute is the dog? It even says ‘woof’ on the back *heart eye emoji*.

My brother also got me the stunning Jimmy Choo shoes that I included in my wishlist. They fit like a dream and they’re so comfortable, but yet so sexy at the same time. He’s literally the best brother ever! My mum bought me a new watch from Paul Valentine. It’s a classic silver watch and I am in love with it. Watches were never really my thing and I only ever wear them to work, but I’ve worn the same rose gold watch for the past 3 years, so I felt it was time for a change. Lastly on fashion and accessories, I treated myself to a Louis Vuitton key pouch. I really wanted something to put my keys in but that could also hold some cash and my cards if I ever just want to run out the door and have my essentials all in one place.

Not only did I get myself the key pouch, I also got got myself a Missoma bracelet. It’s actually the same one I got my bestfriend, so now we have friendship bracelets and I will always remember her when I look at it. My mum also got me this Ted Baker bow bracelet and a Missoma necklace with my initial on it. It’s so pretty and delicate, I love it. 

Lastly, I got some food and drink bits. Baileys is my favourite alcoholic drink, so my mum got me a bottle of it. She also got me a box of my favourite chocolates, Mon Cheri. They’re so hard to come by in the UK but somehow she managed to find them. My godson also got me a box of the same chocolates and this cute little mug that’s so personal to me.

So that concludes my What I Got For Christmas post. I am so grateful for every single gift, I literally loved all my gifts this year. The biggest gift however, was being able to spend Christmas with my family. I know so many people are away from their loved ones over the holidays, and I feel extremely lucky that even though we’re in different cities, they’re just a 3h drive away. Hope you all had a great Christmas also, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope you enjoyed the chilled vibe that we experience in the last week of the year. 

Lots of love, SFS.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! If I could bottle up what I’ve been feeling since yesterday and keep it for days when I’m feeling sad, I would. I’m just so filled with love, I almost cried last night haha. So first of all, sorry I am only posting today. I got called to fly on the 23rd like I said in my previous post and I had the best day. It was such an easy flight and such great crew. I flew with another cabin supervisor, so it was all very chilled. Flying with experienced people makes all the difference. Because of the early wakeup call, I ended up spending the rest of the day falling in and out of sleep on the sofa while Dynasty was playing in the background. I ended up ordering food for me and Ricardo from Brown’s again. Seriously, their steak is something else. 

Yesterday Ricardo went to work in the morning, but after he came back we got everything sorted and packed the car ready for our drive to London. We made a few stops along the way to drop off some Christmas presents to some of our friends. We got to meet this little one, Dorothy. She’s the cutest little pup you will ever meet. She greeted us with loads of jumps and kisses. My heart MELTED!! She made my absolute day and I spent the rest of the drive with a massive smile on my face. We got given this adorable Christmas card with her face on it and it’s now chilling in my parents living room so I can look at her beautiful face all the time. 

Last night we had such an amazing feast! My mum had the table set for us all, full of amazing food. We had Love Actually on TV and we were just enjoying our Christmas Eve meal together. We always celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so at midnight we all gathered around the Christmas tree to open the presents. I was incredibly lucky once again this year and got given some amazing gifts! I’ll be writing a post on what I got for Christmas soon, I’m just waiting to get back to Bristol so I can shoot the pictures :-) My mum got my dad a piano, and seeing his reaction when he unwrapped it was so heart warming. I thought he was going to cry! My dad had a stroke three years ago and hasn’t really been the same since. He went very quiet and not his usual bubbly self, so we thought that the piano would help cheer him up and it worked!! He was playing until 3am and it was so emotional to see how overjoyed he was. 

Today we spent the day together again and we also went to see some family members, including my gorgeous godson and his little baby brother, the newest member of our family. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas! Getting presents is awesome, but always be grateful for the family and friends you have around you. Be grateful for the house you live in and the food you have on the table. That’s all that really matters. 

Finally, thank you so much to those of you who have read my blog throughout blogmas. I know I don’t have the biggest following, but I appreciate each and every one of you who come by to see what this little sausage is writing. I’ve also learnt a few things about Blogmas, so hopefully next year I won’t make the same mistakes haha. 

Happy Christmas! 
Lots of love, SFS <3


Good evening all! Lucky is the word of the day. I was given the option of working today or not, and I chose the lazy option and asked for standby instead. Best decision I could’ve made. The airport was closed the whole afternoon due to a plane veering off the runway, so everyone was stuck at the airport for hours and flights ended up being cancelled. And here I was, cooking up a feast for me and Ricardo while we watched Narcos :-D We even made nutella crepes, hmm, just mentioning them makes me feel hungry again haha. I started watching Dynasty this evening too, I’m pretty hooked. Alias Graces is next on my to watch list. 

A few hours ago I got a call from work asking if I could do them a favour and do a morning flight instead of doing a late shift, and I was so happy to say yes. Gets me off the hook for flying later on in the day and most importantly, it will be my last flight before Christmas. I AM SO EXCITED! We’ll be driving to London on Christmas Eve when Ricardo lands back from work. I feel so fortunate to have my family so close to me. This can be such a hard time for people, dealing with loss or dealing with estranged family members. My family is by no means perfect, but at least we’re all here, and that’s all I can ever ask for <3 Now this girl needs to get some sleep because she needs to wake up at 3:40am... ouch!

Lots of love, SFS.


Today is my 7 year anniversary at work. I can’t believe that I left my parents house when I was 19, took a flight on my own to Germany, a country I had never been to before, to do a training course for an airline. I can’t believe how determined I was to make it happen and how brave also. I didn’t even know how to cook when I left my parents house, but yet I got on a flight to spend 6 weeks away from home in a foreign country. It was the best 6 weeks of my life. If I could go back in time and repeat the experience, I would. I will admit that I’ve had my highs and lows during these seven years, but for the most part, I've bloody loved it. I absolutely adore the people I work with! It’s not the job, it’s not the airline, it’s not the passengers, it’s the colleagues, some of which I have the pleasure of calling friends. You really do meet some amazing gems along the way. 

It’s funny also how Ricardo now works for the same airline as a pilot. We started talking a year and bit before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, when we were both still studying, and we used to joke about the fact that I wanted to be a cabin crew and that he wanted to be a pilot, and how one day I’d take his coffee to the flight deck. Well, fate is a funny thing, because just two years ago Ricardo got the job with the same airline and the day finally came where I did in fact, bring him coffee in the flight deck <3 

It’s also the first day of Winter today, yay! I love cold weather. I flew to Lithuania and it was covered in snow. So jealous that they’re gonna have a white Christmas, that must be the cosiest thing ever. Well, according to The Sun, we’ll be having a white Christmas in the UK too... but it did come in The Sun, so I wouldn’t hold my breath haha :-D

Lots of love, SFS.


I’ve been getting the best night sleep these past three days! It feels amazing to sleep for hours on end without waking up in the middle of the night. Ricardo and I were both home today, so we made the most out of it and just spent the whole day being absolute goofballs, as per usual. I swear, if people ever saw us home alone together, they would never believe we’re a day over 16 haha. We’re just such kids and have such stupid, silly jokes. Yesterday we spent about 15 minutes roasting each other for things we do (or don’t in this case) around the house, and we were laughing like crazy people. Sometimes we crawl around after each other on the floor making dog noises. Honestly, I think if we ever had a vlog channel, people would think we’re putting it on for the camera, but really, we do these stupid things all the time... and I bloody love it! I think it’s the secret to our relationship :-D

We ordered food from Brown’s for dinner and oh my! That was the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. I’m not really a meat person, I much prefer fish, however, these past few days I’ve been craving a good steak, and this one hit the spot. We’ve also been catching up on the third season of Narcos. It’s incredible, I love that series. Tomorrow I’ll be going to work, it feels like a very long time since I’ve flown. I feel like I’ve really made the most out of my days off and enjoyed every single second. I’m in such a positive mind frame at the moment. The only thing I’m missing right now is a dog and then my life would be complete haha. 

My dad has always known how to play the piano, and he plays amazing music! However he doesn’t have a piano in our house in London, so my mum decided to get him one as his Christmas present this year. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he unwraps it :-D Also can’t wait to hear him play on Christmas day. It’s only a few days away, what the heck? Time really does fly, doesn’t it? 

Lots of love, SFS.


Evening loves! Today me and Ricardo decided to go out for breakfast. Such a lovely start to the day. It was one beautiful sunny, crisp day, my fave :-) We also had a friend over to exchange some Christmas gifts and then Ricardo headed off to work. I stayed in watching Christmas movies... what else is new? Haha. I watched The Holiday for the first time this year. Polar Express and The Nightmare Before Christmas are next on the list. 

After Ricardo came back home from work, we met with some friends in one of our favourite Spanish restaurants in Bristol. It’s called El Puerto. They do amazing tapas and their sangria is pretty darn good too! I could see myself living in Spain actually. Their lifestyle, their music, their food, it’s all things I love. Spanish people always seem so happy. After dinner we all went to Cream’s. It recently opened in Bristol, so we went there to check out their crepes. Divine, btw! I had to ask for a takeaway box to bring back the rest of the crepe that I couldn’t finish. It’s so filling! Definitely not a good idea to go there straight after dinner LOL. Ricardo and I are about to watch an episode of Come Fly With Me. He recently heard about it and is now completely obsessed. Have a good night babes.

Lots of love, SFS.


Hello, hello! I’ve just finished watching a film with Ricardo and I’m getting ready to go to bed, but before, I have this post to write. I’ve had such a good day. I woke up in a fabulous mood and actually felt rested! It’s been a while since that happened. Ricardo made us lunch before he went to work and I caught up on some reading. I really enjoyed reading today. You know when you finally start to get into a book and could spend the whole day with your face in it? That was me today. But I had plans to go to a friend of mine’s for a girly pizza night. It was so nice to be reunited with all my favourite people and have a much needed catchup. 

The girl whose house we went to now works in a prison, and it’s fascinating to hear about all the things that happen there. People trying to commit suicide, people cutting off their genitals when they’re high on drugs. It’s crazy! I didn’t know much about the prison world and never knew I’d be interested in it, but I found the whole conversation so interesting. It’s weird to think that for the people in jail or for the people who work there, that this is classed as an everyday thing. I think most of us would be traumatised for life if we saw these things happening before our very eyes, so big congrats to all the police and prison officers out there! I have so much respect for them.

Today I also made an appointment at the dentist, I really need a checkup. Although it’s probably a tad late as two of my teeth are already hurting. Not great! Haha. This time last year I had issues with my teeth too. Seems like 2016 all over again... not as painful (thank goodness) but still. Right, I’m gonna wrap this up because I can hear Ricardo huffing and puffing at the fact that I’m still typing haha. Night, night x 

Lots of love, SFS.


Good evening from a very hungover Sandra. I went out last night and ended up having a few too many tequila shots. I didn’t get to do that amazing thing I wanted to do yesterday, because I got called to fly at 5am. I was devastated haha. It ended up being a very good day, despite me being in a horrible mood for the first flight. After work I had a cheeky 1h nap and then got ready to go out. I was meant to be going out for one drink only and then coming home, but I was enjoying myself way too much to leave so early. I danced kizomba yesterday and it made me so happy!! I haven’t danced in over a year, but I still remember the moves. I should really go back to dance class soon. 

After the club I really fancied some chips, so I stood in a queue for ages before being told by a guy that they didn’t take card. I didn’t have cash on me, so I left the queue, but this random guy came after me and offered to buy me the chips. How nice! So cool that people like him still exist. I thanked him and we both wished each other a happy Christmas, aww. I got home at 3:30am and I tried to type a post, but I made no sense and could barely open my eyes. So today’s post will be a two-in-one. I haven’t got out of my pjs the whole day and I won’t be doing anything special for the rest of the evening, so I thought I’d share with you what’s on my Christmas wishlist this year.

Let’s start with some fashion bits. As you might already know, I have a thing for shoes, and when I saw these Jimmy Choo’s on My Theresa I just fell in love. I really want a pair of heels that I can wear with everything and that I can walk around comfortably in for hours, and these seem like the perfect height. They were also on sale, so I hope my brother ended up buying them for me haha. 

I recently bought a lot of clothes, so I didn’t want to ask for any, but this jumper from Ted Baker is way too cute. I mean it has a dog, and if you don’t already know, I bloody love dogs! 

Lastly, I would really like a key pouch. If I were to get one last year, I would’ve preferred a normal key holder, but actually this one with a zip is much more useful. I use a cardholder on an everyday basis, so I never have anywhere to put coins or cash. With a key pouch I can use it for my keys, I can use it to put in cash and also cards. It’s a great item to take with you when you don’t want to carry a handbag.

Now, beauty! Not many things on the list as you can see. I’m in desperate need of a new moisturiser, so I had a look online and this one from Elemis sounds like it would be suited to me. I also need a cleansing oil. Cleansing oils are life changing! If you don’t use them yet, I suggest you get one. They remove makeup so quickly and so well! I love this one from MAC, I think it’s my favourite oil ever. And lastly for beauty, I would love to get this OPI nail polish called Yank My Doodle. It seems like the perfect burnt red, with a hint of orange.

Let’s move onto scents. I love me some candles. Feu de Bois from Diptyque is such an amazing winter scent, and the candles from Neom are also incredible. Now, I’ll let you in on my killer secret fragrance combo, which I've ran out of and desperately need back in my life! The Armani PrivĂ© Pivoine Suzhou mixed with Escentric Molecules 01 is just the most divine thing you will ever smell. I always get questions on what perfume I’m using when I have this on. 

I have a couple of lifestyle bits on my list too. I’m in need of a jewellery box, and this one from The White Company is the nicest one I’ve found so far. A little trinket dish would come in handy too, I always lose earrings because I don’t have a place to put them. And finally I would love to get a photo printer and a scrapbook so that I can start printing out my photos and creating a book of memories.

If you told me a couple of months ago that I would like to get jewellery as a present for Christmas, I would’ve laughed in your face. I’ve never been into jewellery, but as of lately, I am obsessed! I spend most of my day on the Missoma website. I love every single thing on there, but here are some pieces that stood out to me. This coin bracelet, the beaded bracelet, this necklace that has my initial on it and this coin necklace. Monica Vinader also do amazing rings, I love her signature ring and this stunning blue and rose gold nugget ring.

So that’s all that’s on my Christmas wishlist. I know that some of these items are a little expensive, but I asked for them when they were on sale with that in mind. And of course, goes without saying that I don’t expect to get everything. The fact that I have a roof over my head, an amazing family and boyfriend is present enough :-) What’s on your wishlist?

Lots of love, SFS.


I’ve just finished watching a film called Christmas Inheritance on Netflix and I bloody loved it. Really good, easy watch for the evening. As expected, my day went super well today. I flew with amazing people and ended up going out for lunch with some of our closest friends. We all had a little look in the shops for some Christmas hair decorations and for onesies. We will be spending New Year’s Eve at our friends house and we’ve all planned to wear onesies for it. I still haven’t found mine, but I’ve had a look on ASOS and they have quite a good selection. 

Our friends came to the house for a coffee after lunch and we watched Love Actually together. It’s my second time watching it and I am definitely not complaining haha. If I don’t get called into work tomorrow, I have something special that I want to do with Ricardo. I’ll let you know what it is if we actually manage to do it. On another note, my lips are so dry! Doesn’t matter how much lip balm I apply, they just feel so sore. Guess it’s down to the cold weather. If you have any recommendations on how to nurse them back to life, please let me know!

Ricardo went to play basketball this evening and brought me some Ebi Katsu’s from Wagamama. It made my night! I swear I could eat them all the time. If you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly suggest you do! I’ve also been working on my Christmas Wishlist blog post, I feel like I keep banging on about the same thing, but I am struggling to work with an app I downloaded for the photo collage. I paid for this app, so I don’t want to give up on it. I’ll google some tips on how to use it tomorrow and hopefully the post will be up this Sunday.

I’ve been doing this ‘no screen before bed’ thing and I must say that I’ve noticed a massive difference on how well I sleep. I fall asleep much quicker, I don’t wake up with a headache and I feel like I sleep deeper too. Don’t know if it’s psychological or if it actually works, but nevertheless, I am enjoying it a lot! So I'm off to go do that right now :-)

See you tomorrow.
Lots of love, SFS.


Didn’t get called into work again today! Living for it :-D Me and Ricardo took our car to the garage to get some things sorted, and then we had a little walk around Bath. It’s been a while since we’ve been there together and oh my, it’s SO christmassy! Still not over the fact that the Christmas market is closed, but at least the city is full of lights and festive decorations. I did go into a few shops, but left empty handed. I’ve bought all the presents I had to buy anyway, so I’m glad I didn’t find anything that tickled my fancy. We stopped for a cheeky drink and some chocolate croissants. I really fancied something chocolatey, guess my period must be on the way haha. 

I made dinner for us both while Jingle All The Way was playing on TV. I think I’ve watched that movie 3 times already this year! What the heck? There are still a few films I need to watch though, I need to make a list so I don’t miss out on any. Also, the Net-a-Porter and My Theresa sale is on, and I need someone to hide my bank card haha! I’ve bought three presents for myself already and that doesn’t even include the Kindle. I need some restraint! Tomorrow should be a good day, I’m flying with such an amazing crew, and the flight should be pretty easy going too, so I’m looking forward to it... even though I need to get up at 4am, ouch!

Lots of love, SFS.


Guess who had a cheeky lay in this morning? Moi! I’ve had the best day! I know I keep saying this recently, but I’m just having the best time lately. I started my day off by reading a new book I downloaded onto my Kindle. Quite hard to get into, but I think I’m onto the bit where the book actually starts, so I’m excited to see how it goes. I was feeling a little bored this afternoon, but Ricardo convinced me to go go-karting with some of our work friends. Last time I went there was another group of people on the track with us, and four karts hit into the back of me, and I had really bad whiplash. I even had to exit the track and file a 7 page report. So I was a little scared this time, but it was 17 of us work people, we had the track to ourselves, so I went around telling everyone to back off my kart :-P I don’t drive either, don’t even have a license, so I’m not the most skilled kart driver, but I must say I did pretty good. Didn’t come last at least haha. 

14 of us ended up going out for dinner together after the race, it was such a lovely group of people and ugh, I can’t tell you how happy I am :-) Will definitely want to repeat it! My arms feel like jelly right now, can you tell I haven’t been to the gym? Haha! I really should go back soon. I need to get some new gym wear, hopefully that will bring back my motivation. It’s weird, but a new gym kit always does the trick for me. 

I’m meant to be on home standby again tomorrow. Loving life! I had such a busy few months, that if these next couple of weeks go to plan, I will have such a relaxing time. I’m also really looking forward to Christmas day, can’t wait for Ricardo to see what I got him, eek!! Also just want to go home to London and spend time with all my family. I feel so fortunate and lucky to be able to spend it with them every year. Also, apologies for the lack of 'blog worthy photos' throughout this month, I just thought I'd share more random-type ones that I don't get to share when I write proper posts. Hope that's ok.

Sweet dreams x
Lots of love, SFS.


My home standby starts in 3h and I am still awake, and on 2h30 sleep since yesterday. I don’t know how I do it either haha! Although to be fair, I did have a cheeky 1h nap this afternoon. I had the BEST day at work today, especially considering how tired I was and all that. We’ve had a lot of new people join, which is like a breath of fresh air really. There’s this girl that really reminds me of one of my best friends, Becca, and this girl also shares the same name. It’s so funny how you associate names to people sometimes, like, the name Becca for me now is always linked to something positive and every time I meet someone with that name, I just know we’ll get along :-) 

I think I’m coming down with a cold, hope I’m wrong. I’ve been sneezing the whole day and have used up so many tissues, it’s a joke! I’ve been taking all the vitamin C I can take, and taking paracetamol to hopefully avoid it getting any worse. I didn’t help myself by going out in a t-shirt, mini shorts and a thin trench coat last night, did I? Oops. The things us girls do haha. By the way, have you guys heard the Singing Dentists new song, Mans Got Floss? Omg, quite possible the best thing I’ve ever listened to, couldn’t stop laughing when I first heard it. Absolutely brilliant!!

I finally managed to find an app that does collages, so if I don’t get called into work in the morning, I’ll be working on my ‘Christmas Wishlist’ blog post. I can’t guarantee when it’ll be up. but I want it to go up by the end of this week.

Hope you all had a day as nice as mine x
Lots of love, SFS.


Someone needs to be up at 4:30am to go to work and is still here typing up a blog post. That’s gonna hurt in the morning haha! I’ve had the BEST day though! I woke up in such a good mood. Me and Ricardo were both at home today, so we made the most of out it by spending the whole day doing things together. The weather was beautiful, it was a proper cold, but sunny Autumnal day, my favourite :) We went to pick up some parcels that we had missed, and I also went to buy a Kindle for myself. I really want to get more into reading in this next year, and because our current house isn’t all that spacious, I decided it was best to get all my books on a Kindle, rather than buying loads of hardcovers and having nowhere to put them. I haven't downloaded any books yet, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below. 

We also had our work Christmas party this evening. We all went out for pre drinks in a very nice bar, and then we headed off for a lovely meal. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, especially close friends who I haven’t seen a lot of recently. My roster pattern got changed last year, and I fell completely out of sync with all my close friends, so tonight we had a lovely catchup. Today was also the first night in the last two months where I wore a full face of makeup. I haven’t even been wearing foundation, so it felt awesome to get dolled up. Don’t know about you guys, but for me getting ready for a night out is almost as fun as the night itself. 

I feel SO full from dinner, I almost feel sick haha! We went for a few more drinks after dinner, and that finished me off. My belly is about to explode! Anyway, I must try to sleep, otherwise I will be completely out of it at work tomorrow. Speak to you soon x

Lots of love, SFS.


Dress Oasis, Shoes Valentino - Location, Rome

It snowed today!! Omg!! I’m sure if you follow any English person on social media, you will have heard something about the snow. Whether it was people complaining that they didn’t have snow, or others having a complete party over it. I was the latter. I woke up at 4am to make Ricardo breakfast and it was raining so much, I definitely didn’t expect it to snow a few hours later. Unfortunately due to the wet ground, the snow didn’t stick, but it was so amazing to see it fall! :-D I had a Christmas movie on, had a hot chocolate and was wrapping presents while massive snowflakes were falling outside my window. Truly magical, I absolutely loved it!

Yesterday Ricardo and I had decided to go to Bath today to see their Christmas market, which is meant to be amazing, but we checked online and today (well, yesterday because it’s now past 1am) was the last day and it closed at 6pm! What the heck? What kind of Christmas market closes so soon? It’s only mid December! We were gutted, but we still wanted to make the most of the evening, so we went to the cinema instead. We Watched Jumanji. We actually went to the cinema to watch A Bad Moms Christmas, but while we were queuing to get tickets, we decided to watch Jumanji instead. It’s such a brilliant film, really funny too! I remember watching the first one and being so scared haha I was only little. But this one was more funny than it was ‘scary’. Well, scary isn’t the word for it, but you know what I mean, hopefully. 

Before coming back home we stopped at Miss Millies. For those of you who don’t live in Bristol or Cardiff, it’s a chicken and chips shop haha. We bought some food and came back home to eat it while watching the finale of I’m a Celeb on catchup. So incredibly happy that Toff won! What a ray of sunshine she is. I wish I had someone like her around me at all times to keep my spirits high. Also, how wicked is it that another woman won this year? GET IN LADIES!! <3 

Now I’m just gonna look up some cute dogs videos and fall asleep watching them :) Night all x

Lots of love, SFS.


Earlier this year at the Trevi Fountain <3 Wearing an All Saints turtleneck & a Zara Faux Fur Gilet

Alo, alo! Most of you are probably out at this time having a good ol’ time, and here I am, sat in my comfy loungewear watching I’m a Celeb. It’s Celebrity Cyclone day! How freaking exciting :-D This is my kind of Saturday! I had a very early morning today, I woke up at 5am to make Ricardo breakfast before he went to work, but yes, I did go back to bed after. I had a delivery at 10:30 and it was the same delivery guy I had earlier this week. I was wearing my pyjamas on both occasions, I seriously believe he thinks I don’t have a life haha. Remember I said my bestfriend’s present arrived and I wished I could keep it? I ended up ordering one for myself hehe, so that’s what came through the post this morning. 

I had a pretty chilled day, just done some chores around the house, hoovered and that. Nothing extraordinary. But in the evening, Ricardo and I went over to some friend’s house for dinner. I love having dinner with friends, so cosy. Their house is decorated to the nines! It’s so festive, I absolutely loved it! Now I’m off to wrap the rest of the Christmas presents that I didn’t get round to the other night as I ran out of wrapping paper. 

Also, sorry I haven’t published the post I said I was working on, but I’m currently looking for a photo collage application, because the one I used to use no longer works. I’m thinking of paying for an account on PicMonkey, but if any of you know of a free app, please let me know. After this catchup episode of I’m a Celeb I will hopefully be getting round to watching Love Actually, which STILL hasn’t happened. Has to be tonight!

Hope your hangovers aren’t too bad tomorrow morning haha!
Lots of love, SFS.


Evening yall! I'm currently freezing my ass off while watching a basketball game. Ricardo always plays on Fridays and asked me to come with him. Quite an interesting game actually, it’s ‘break time’ right now, which is why I’m typing away on my phone. Good news, I finished my Christmas shopping today. Whoop whoop! It only took me 3 months, no big deal haha. But I feel like I finished on a high. I was a bit lost on what to get people this year, so I haven't been feeling quite happy with my purchases. You know when you feel like you're missing something? I've been feeling like that this whole time, but with the things I bought today I feel fully satisfied.

We also went to have lunch at Wagamama. You guys have no idea how much I LOVE Wagamama! Ebi Katsu's are my favourite started in the whole wide world. I think I’d cry my eyes out if they ever took it off the menu haha. It had been a while since I had food there, so it felt amazing to go back. I also wrapped some of the Christmas presents I bought this afternoon, but I need to get more wrapping paper as I'm all out right now! 5 rolls I've been through. FIVE!!! Paperchase is my favourite place to buy wrapping paper, but it’s closed already so I'll make a stop at ASDA or something to get some more. Also will be buying a pizza because boy, I am starving!

Game update, it’s just finished. Ricardo's team won, :-D I must say that the other team played really well too, so well done to them. (Hey from the future! I had this all written and ready to go, but because I had no food since 2pm yesterday, I felt super shaky and lightheaded when I got back home from the game. This resulted in me having my second anxiety attack this week, which sucks! No specific reason, well, not that I can think of one, but it's getting to me. So sorry about that! I really didn’t want to miss a day which is why I’m posting this today. Hope you don’t mind!)

Lots of love, SFS.


Hey lovelies! I’ve literally just come into bed and started typing on my laptop. How was your day? I woke up an hour before my alarm was due to go off thanks to a nightmare. I was dreaming about paranormal activity haha, bloody hell, what a way to wake up! I made an effort to have a proper breakfast today and started working on a blog post that I will hopefully be sharing tomorrow (by tomorrow I actually mean today, it’s past midnight, but because I haven’t slept yet it still counts as today, if you get what I mean haha). I went to work in the afternoon, had a very short flight, but a very stressful day with a lot of paperwork involved. Who would’ve thought there is so much paperwork in aviation? Jeez! 

Me and Ricardo went for a cheeky McDonald’s after he picked me up from work. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but he picks me up and drives to me to work every single day. Whether I have a 6pm start, or a 5am one, he will wake up with me, make me breakfast while I do my makeup, irons a shirt for me if I need one, packs my bag for work, lunch and all that, and he will drive me there. What a man! I thought he would stop doing these things eventually, but we’ve lived together for 5 years and he’s still going strong. Back in the day when we didn’t have a car, he actually used to walk me to and from the bus stop. One of our old houses was 15mins away! Imagine walking that at 4 in the morning just so he could drop me off. He’s the bestest, I am a very lucky girl indeed! Thanks babe, if you’re reading <3 

Here's a pic I took a couple of months ago, channelling my inner Ariana LOL.

Also, got to mention I’m a Celeb - stop reading if you don’t want spoilers! How do you guys feel about Dennis being voted out? I’m well pleased. I liked him in the beginning until he started being a twat towards Iain. Iain has said he suffers with anxiety and the way some of the boys have been treating him in there is disgusting. Can’t believe adult men behave like that. I have the biggest respect for Iain. It must be pretty tough being in an environment where people are always trying to bring you down, and you have no one lifting you up but yourself. I don’t think I could manage. And it’s funny because I didn’t really like Iain when he first went in, but he’s grown on me massively. Still want Toff to win, but I hope Iain makes it to the final too :)

I think I’ll fall asleep watching Love Actually. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a few days now and completely forgot until earlier tonight. Ricardo is already asleep next to me bless him. He had a monstrous day today, so I bet he’s proper tired. Well babes, I’m off now. I’ll see you again tomorrow with another post. 

Sleep tight! 
Lots of love, SFS.


‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed’ and so I did! You know how I said I would do a diary style blogmas, and I would write about what I did the day before? Not a great idea I must admit, so from today onwards I will be posting about what I did on the actual day - which is totally gonna mess up the dates, but hey ho! Before I get on, I will update you on what I did yesterday, which was a bit more than I did today haha. I went to work quite early, which is ridiculous because I am meant to be doing late shifts, but I had to be at work at 11am which does not class as late in my books! But I had a really good day, I had lovely crew, lovely passengers. I got into a massive conversation with a passenger over waterproof mascaras, and recommended she get the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. She was about 60. Imagine me telling a 60 year old the name of this product haha. But she was so open minded, very young spirited, not to mention totally classy and gorgeous, so she found it hilarious. 


Today I just stayed in bed the WHOLE day. I wish I was joking, but I’ve been having the worst headaches the past few days, and been feeling so tired and drained. I done a full week of really early shifts last week, waking up at 4am for 5 days straight, and my days off were pretty go, go, go with all the travelling to and from London. And before I knew it I was back to work again, doing these stupid mid-shifts which tire the hell out of me. So yeah, I needed a bit of downtime. 

On another note, my best friend’s present came in the post today and I am so gutted I don’t get to keep it! Haha. I won’t mention what I got because she might read this, but you know when you just love something that you end up wanting it for yourself? Yeah, that! Ricardo’s gone for a Nando’s with his friend and asked me to go with him, but I quite like letting him have his guy time. So instead I remained in bed (still haven’t showered or washed my faced today), but I did ask him to bring me back a quarter chicken with some chips and garlic bread. Yum!!

Lots of love, SFS.


'You only get offended by something if you agree with it yourself.' These were words that left my mouth a couple of days ago. There have been way too many times where I've seen people kick off over something someone has said about them. I was guilty of it in the past too, which is why I came to this conclusion. The only reason I used to get offended by something, was because deep down I agreed with it too. Like when people used to say I had to get some meat on my bones, I used to get very defensive, because I agreed with it. Nowadays, I absolutely love the way I look, and when people try to bring me down about how skinny my legs are, I just laugh it off. Since last Spring, something in me just clicked. I've not been afraid or shy to get my legs out. I’ve even bought a mini dress for my works Christmas party. Who am I? Haha.

What made me think about this whole thing was a couple of situations I had in the past, where I accidentally offended someone and then they tried to hit back at me later. Why would someone feel the need to hit back at you if they didn’t get offended with what you said in the first place? I noticed that the only reason they were trying to bring me down ‘unintentionally’ was because I had done the same to them. 

I've seen it with family members too, where someone will say a throwaway comment, even if it’s meant as a joke, and you can see the anger show up on the other persons face. As an outsider, it’s so visible and you can tell that the person that's being 'attacked', deep down thinks that about themselves; that they're not good enough, that they're not pretty enough, that they're not successful, that they need to lose weight, that they need to gain weight, and the list goes on! So next time you get offended by something someone says, whether they said it on purpose to hurt you, or as a passing comment, pay attention at how you react to it. Because I can almost assure you that if you don't agree with what the other person said, you won't get offended. You'll actually find it quite funny. But if you lash back at them, take a minute to realise how you're feeling inside. You probably have the same thought about yourself, and if you do, it's time to change it. 

Like I've mentioned on my blog a billion times before, I used to hate being skinny and I used to and still do get picked on for it, but I've grow to love my body as it is. I wear skirts and dresses all the time now. Last year, wearing skirts and dresses would've been unthinkable for me. So many people don't have their legs, they don't have their arms, they’ve lost their sight, they depend on someone to do things for them, and here’s me with all my limbs! How lucky are we if we do? We criticise the smallest things. Things that don't even matter. We need to look at the bigger picture. We're here and we're alive. Let's stop being our biggest critics and start being our biggest fans. Take that time where you're feeling like a failure or like you’re not good enough and turn it into something good. Listen to a song that lifts your mood, count your blessings, think about the things that made you smile today, or simply say ’thank you’. You’re alive after all! That’s the biggest blessing one can have. There's so much bad in the world already, let’s not add to it.

Also, sorry for the late post again. Writing posts on the day they need to go up is a bit of a challenge when you're doing late shifts haha! Hope you guys had a good day. Oh, and my outfit in these photos is from Pretty Little Thing. They do amazing co-ords!

Lots of love, SFS.


Not a photo I would usually use on the blog, but a Christmassy one at least. This was back in Amsterdam last month. I'll be writing a post about the trip soon - mainly on my experience with having weed for the first time haha. Stay tuned!

Do you know one thing I’ve realised since doing this Blogmas thing? It gets very confusing trying to remember what you did the day before. Either I have a very busy life, or a very short term memory. But one thing is for sure, it helps a lot when writing in my diary. Do any of you guys keep a diary? I used to keep one when I was younger, and for the past three years, I’ve started writing them again. I just love the idea of having something to look back on when I’m older. I’ll be able to look back on how I wrote, what my thoughts were, what I got up to, and seeing how much or how little I changed. But even though I’ve kept a diary for a very long time, I don’t always write in it on a regular basis. Sometimes two or three weeks go by without me writing a single word, which means that when I finally sit down to do it, I literally can’t remember a thing haha. So now I’ve learnt to keep notes on my phone, cool little trick. But since I’m doing a ‘diary style' Blogmas, no more iPhone notes needed. I can just look back at this :D

Yesterday me, my mum and Ricardo went for some Christmas shopping around Sloane Square. We weren’t there for very long though. Much like me, my mum is a very efficient shopper and always knows what she wants to get and where to get it from, and unfortunately she didn’t find what she was looking for, so we head off elsewhere. After the shopping trip, we went out for lunch in a very cute little restaurant in South London. Eating out is my guilty pleasure! I could do it everyday. Then we headed home, packed our bags and drove back to Bristol in the evening. It was a very short, but sweet stay. I’ve been at work the whole day today, which is why this post is coming to you a little later. I had a very early start and a very late finish. So I’m currently sat in my uniform, with my M&S Chorizo Paella, writing this on my laptop. Tomorrow’s post won’t be a diary style post, as I didn’t do much today other than work. 

Now it’s time to remove my makeup, take off these damn contact lenses which are drying my eyes out like CRAZY, curl up in bed and catch up on I’m a Celeb. Life goals right there!

See you tomorrow. Lots of love, SFS.


Welcome back to Blogmas day two! How was your weekend? I feel so tired today, had the worst night sleep. You know when you keep playing a scenario in your mind hoping that you’ll actually fall asleep and dream about it, but instead it hypes you up and you end up staying awake for hours? Yeah, that happened. Fun times! Haha. But anyway, enough about today, let’s talk about yesterday! I didn’t do much in all honesty. I woke up super late in the afternoon and ended up staying home catching up on I’m a Celeb. Are any of you guys watching? I hope Toff wins. It’s so funny to see how someone that’s perceived as a posh city girl, is actually a fearless, incredibly smart girl boss. I’m in love with her! Who do you want to win?

In the evening, me, my mum, my brother and Ricardo went to visit my godson and his baby brother. It was so heart warming to see the little one. He’s growing up so fast! He’ll be walking in no time. He’s also such a happy camper. He’s always got a smile on his face. I’m the first one to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of children, but when it comes to my family or friends babies, I absolutely adore them. Maybe I’ll share some pictures of him in the future, if his parents allow me to. 

Like I said yesterday, I will be posting quite a lot of pictures that I haven't shared yet. These pictures are from October, I was wearing this white shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing. I absolutely adore it! This wasn't how I envisioned to wear it when I bought it, but I didn't want to take too many shoes and accessories away with me, so I just wore it with these New Look slides and a bag from Zara. Really simple, but a very pretty outfit. 

Btw, let me know if you would like me to talk about the outfits during Blogmas, or if you couldn't care less, and preferred me to stick to just talking about what I did during the previous day.

Now I’m off to pack my bags so that me and Ricardo can make our way back to Bristol. I’ve got quite an early start at work tomorrow, so we can’t get back too late. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening and hope you have a good start to the week.

Lots of love, SFS.

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