Good evening all! Lucky is the word of the day. I was given the option of working today or not, and I chose the lazy option and asked for standby instead. Best decision I could’ve made. The airport was closed the whole afternoon due to a plane veering off the runway, so everyone was stuck at the airport for hours and flights ended up being cancelled. And here I was, cooking up a feast for me and Ricardo while we watched Narcos :-D We even made nutella crepes, hmm, just mentioning them makes me feel hungry again haha. I started watching Dynasty this evening too, I’m pretty hooked. Alias Graces is next on my to watch list. 

A few hours ago I got a call from work asking if I could do them a favour and do a morning flight instead of doing a late shift, and I was so happy to say yes. Gets me off the hook for flying later on in the day and most importantly, it will be my last flight before Christmas. I AM SO EXCITED! We’ll be driving to London on Christmas Eve when Ricardo lands back from work. I feel so fortunate to have my family so close to me. This can be such a hard time for people, dealing with loss or dealing with estranged family members. My family is by no means perfect, but at least we’re all here, and that’s all I can ever ask for <3 Now this girl needs to get some sleep because she needs to wake up at 3:40am... ouch!

Lots of love, SFS.

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