Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Bottalato Loafers; My Go-To Flats

Pointy shoes were my thing back when I was fourteen. I remember getting my first pair of pointy heels for a family members wedding. Having small feet can be a struggle, so having a pointy shoe always made it look like my feet were a bit bigger than they actually were. However, I did go off pointy shoes at some point and hadn’t bought another pair since. After watching a few videos where people mentioned just how comfy the Nicholas Kirkwood Loafers were, I couldn’t resist but pick up a pair. I did mention on my wishlist that I wanted the white pair, and I did buy them, however they were a tad too big for me so I sent them back and unfortunately the size I wanted was out of stock. Happy accident to be honest because I changed my mind and went for the metallic silver instead.

I’m a huge fan of silver things and I thought ‘well silver and white are kind of the same thing’. Not really, I know, but I thought it would be a nice little hint of something something for the summer. Not to mention that white gets dirty really quickly, so these would require less attention. I was so excited to get these I can’t even tell you! It’s the softest leather in the world, they’re beyond comfortable! They initially rubbed me a bit at the back of my heel, but it was a one-off, I wore them the following day and didn’t feel a thing. They’ve been my go-to pair of flats and I know for sure that I will wear these to death. I can safely say that these were worth the money. I know not everyone is ok with spending loads of money on shoes, but I think that a good pair os designer shoes can always make an outfit look even more amazing.

They’re great to pair up with jeans or shorts for a casual look, but they also look stunning with tailored trousers. They’re such a versatile shoe and although they’re metallic, they are surprisingly easy to wear. They never look wrong with an outfit, in fact, they bring an outfit to life because they just demand attention. In terms of sizing I had to size down a full size, so instead of a size 3 I had to get a size 2. I do find that these come up a bit wide, so for those of you with thin feet like me, it would be worth trying at least half a size down. 

What are you favourite shoes at the moment?

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Lots of love, SFS.


  1. Love these! Great post lovely! x

  2. Major shoe crush! They are so pretty! Need a pair like your! x

    Have a nice day,

  3. WOW! those loafers are SO cute! Lucky you!


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