Fit for Friday - From The Office To The Bar with T.M. Lewin

There’s no better feeling than that Friday feeling. You know the one I’m talking about, the feeling of freedom? The feeling of knowing you won’t be going to work for the next two days and you can do whatever you like? Yeah, that one. After a long week at work all I want to do is let my hair down. Who has time for going home and changing? Not me. It’s all about always being prepared for the unexpected, always carrying around a few accessories or makeup items that can take your outfit from the office to happy hour. But of course what you choose to wear is the most important thing, I mean, you are what you wear. At T.M. Lewin they have a wide selection of suits for both men and women, so wether you’re looking for a work outfit, something more casual to wear to dinner or even to a wedding, T.M. Lewin has you sorted. Here are a couple of my favourite suits from their range and how I would style them to take them from a boring, conservative day at work, straight to the bar.



Personally I find there’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit, mainly a fitted suit. And just how gorgeous is this Jackman suit from T.M. Lewin? It looks incredibly smart and chic but also has a stylish/sexy vibe to it. For a day at the office wearing this suit with a fitted shirt, a gorgeous burgundy coloured tie to add a pop of colour, matching cufflinks, a smart watch, black belt and black shoes will really take the basic office look to another level, a level of style and confidence. To take this outfit from the office to the bar, I would most definitely get rid of the blazer, tie and cufflinks. Unbuttoning the shirt a little and rolling up the sleeves will make this otherwise smart outfit, a lot more relaxed. Now that summer is here and the sun stays out longer, sunglasses are a must, having a fun coloured pair will bring an element of fun and playfulness to the outfit. And since you’re probably going to be paying your cute co-worker a drink, you might as well have a good cardholder to put on show.


HANDBAG - Kate Spade

NECKLACE - Topshop
LIPSTICK - MAC Lady Danger
CLUTCH BAG - Mulberry

Making a suit work for women can sometimes be a tricky one, they can either look too manly or too revealing, but T.M. Lewin have absolutely nailed it when it comes to creating suits that are flattering on the female figure. I was torn between the Bellgrove Blue Wool suit and their Albany Black Tri-Acetate, but ended up choosing the latter. A black suit always offers effortless sophistication and I love that the trousers are rolled up. Instead of going for the standard shirt, why not go for a cami instead? The weather is getting warmer and there’s nothing worse than feeling constricted in a button-up shirt. But I understand that a cami can be a bit of a risk to wear to work, so to add that professional touch why not use a twilly? For makeup I would stick to a nude lipstick as it's easy to keep up during a busy day at work. And finally to bring the whole look together take a structured bag, a black manly watch (which I find extremely sexy) and a pair of killer heels. For after work cocktails, lose the twilly, lose the blazer, add a pop of colour to the lips with a bright red lipstick. Leave that big work bag in the office and switch to an evening clutch, add a necklace, put on a pair of sunnies and you’re ready to hit the bar.

How would you change your work outfit to make it appropriate for the evening?

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Lots of love, SFS.


  1. Thanks for sharing, this is nice and lovely

  2. Women's evening look is amazing. Something I'd wear for sure :)

  3. I loved this post! All of the looks are so stylish! X


  4. Absolutely love your picks!

    Love, V.

  5. Oh those long awaited friday feelings... too bad it's a monday today! I always think nude lipsticks are just a must have, so versatile!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Definitely can't go wrong with a nude lipstick :) Thanks for reading x

  6. Wow, amazing looks girl! Wish my man is dressed like that, haha. He is not into this kind of outfits at all:)

    1. Ugh and me! Why don't men wear what we like? Haha! hope you have a great weekend x


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