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MAC Spice Lip Liner & Honeylove Lipstick
MAC Nice 'N' Spicy Lip Liner & Blankety Lipstick
MAC Stripdown Lip Liner & Maybelline Nude Embrace
MAC Stripdown Lip Liner & ABH Liquid Lipstick in Stripped
MAC Spice Liner Liner & Tom Ford Nude Vanille

Finding the perfect nude lip can be an arduous job, there are so many lipsticks to choose from and so many reviews that it’s slightly overwhelming when it comes to selecting what will suit you best. There are many things we must take into consideration when it comes to buying nude lipsticks, the finish, the undertone, the colour itself and of course, the price point. High-end or drugstore? Pink undertone or beige undertone? Matte or glossy? The decision making process is endless, because let’s face it, picking the perfect nude can be quite hard especially for someone like me who has naturally dark lips and olive skin. I’ve always found it difficult to pull off nude lips due to my olive complexion, however I’ve been experimenting a bit with lip liners and found that even though a lipstick may be somewhat off for my skin tone, adding a warmer lip pencil underneath can completely change the finally look.

I blame Charlotte Crosby’s makeup artist for starting my whole nude lips obsession. I mean, Charlotte always looks flawless in her selfies on Instagram, so of course I wanted to know what lip colour she was wearing and turns out most times she’s wearing MAC Spice lip liner with Honeylove lipstick on top. This has become my signature go-to lip combination. Honeylove on its own doesn’t look too great against my olive skin, it kind of washes me out, but using it in conjunction with Spice lip liner which has a warm undertone makes it the perfect shade.

Although Spice lip liner and Honeylove are my signature nude lip combo, I like to juggle between other shades. MAC Stripdown and Nice ’N ’Spicy lip liners are also the perfect accompaniment to some of my ‘concealer-type’ lipsticks. Stripdown leans more towards the brown side which I absolutely love, I’m really into the brown-nudes at the moment, aren’t we all? Nice ’N’ Spicy is a funny one because it’s actually really similar to Spice, they’re both a cinnamon kind of colour, however Spice is more orange and Nice ’N’ Spicy has more red in it. On top of these lip liners I’ll always be wearing one of these lipsticks; Tom Ford Nude Vanille - which will never suit me unless I’m wearing a darker lip liner, Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Nude Embrace - the most gorgeous ashy-beige, MAC Blankety - this will always be one of my all-time favourites from MAC, it’s a stunning beige with a hint of pink, and lastly Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Stripped - read more about it here. There are other lip pencils and nude lipsticks that I also love, but these are definitely the ones I reach for the most. 

What is your favourite nude lipstick combination?


  1. Your skin looks absolutely flawless - beautiful make up!!! xx

  2. Lovely post! Nice to see what nude lipsticks you love!


  3. Blankety is one of my all time faves! Need to get my hands on the spice lip liner xxx

    1. Yes you do babe! Promise you'll be addicted! :) x


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