If you also live in the UK you will know that the weather has been complete pants! Like seriously, two weeks of sun and now we’re back to grey miserable rainy days. It’s safe to say none of us will be getting a tan here anytime soon. I’m in desperate need of a getaway and my skin is crying for some colour, but seeing as my next holiday isn’t for another two months I thought I’d cheat and get myself a self-tanner. Now, the first thought that comes to mind when I think of self-tanners is a patchy-orange mess. I experienced this first hand a couple of years back when I was using a gradual self tanner... it wasn’t cute. However last year I started to look a bit more into self-tanners and what were the good ones on the market - St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse was a winner and it still is a firm favourite of mine! This year however, I wanted to try something from Bondi Sands. I’ve heard so much about the brand lately and everyone who has tried it has nothing but good things to say and I completely understand why.

I picked up Liquid Gold in Boots after seeing so many Instagram pictures and reviews about it. It has such a pleasant scent, it reminds me of sun cream and coconut mixed together, now doesn’t that sound yummy? None of that biscuit-y smell malarky. It’s also the perfect tan for the person on the go, it doesn’t need to be washed off and it develops throughout the day, so you can basically put this on, get dressed and leave the house. The first time I did this I was a bit worried thinking ‘oh no, am I going to get tan lines from my clothes?’ but I’m happy to report that I did not. Instead, I was left with the most gorgeous sun-kissed colour. It reminds me of the colour I go naturally on the first two/three days of holidays. 

The fact that it was a bronzing oil was quite bizarre to me, it all sounded very messy, but actually it has more of a dry-oil texture so it absorbs really quickly into the skin. When you squirt out the product it comes out a dark brown however there is no colour guide, so as soon as you start blending you can’t see where the product is going. The fact that there’s no colour guide can be quite tricky, but I find that if you keep blending and blending you’ll be less inclined to miss a spot or two. I’ve used this three times now and I can safely say I haven’t had a problem with streaking, the tan has always come out looking even. It’s very subtle, so if you’re new to self-tanning this will be a good one to start with. On me it lasts a good five days (depending on much I exfoliated during the week) before I have to reapply. I am yet to try layering this tan as I would love to see how dark it can go and if it can keep streak-free with two layers. I’ll report back!

What is your favourite tan?

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Lots of love, SFS.

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