Wow, I don’t think I remember the last time I bought makeup brushes. I think it was probably three years ago or maybe even longer. My brushes seem to last a long time, and I’ve only had an issue with a brush breaking on me once. Although I am pretty content with my brush collection, I felt like I did have space for some for new additions. Zoeva and Morphe brushes have been hyped about so much all over the internet these last couple of years, but if you know me by now, you will know that I am always late to the party. I don’t jump on bandwagons just because people are talking about a product, I’ll only ever buy it if I feel like I need it. 

A brush I’ve had my eyes on for a very long time is the Zoeva 114 Luxe Face Focus Brush. It always looked so fluffy when people used it in their videos, and I’ve been after a brush like this to powder under my eyes. It’s so incredibly soft, and I like that the handle isn’t too long. For eyes, I picked up the 227 Luxe Soft Definer and the 228 Luxe Crease also by Zoeva. The 227 I use mostly to add colours in the crease, or to pack on colour in the outer corners of my eyes. The 228 is probably my favourite out of the two, actually, not probably, definitely haha. I always use this first whenever starting my eye makeup. I like to take a light transition shade and use this brush to apply it. It’s so big and fluffy, it spreads the colour super quickly. I also like to use it right at the end when my eye makeup is complete to ensure that there are no harsh lines in the crease.

I had to try out some Morphe brushes too, so I got the 220 Luxe Grand Shader. I picked this up to powder my eyelids after using primer, and to add light coloured eyeshadows all over the lid, but instead of using it for that purpose, I’ve actually been using it to place my cream contour. I’m weird like that. I also picked up the M150 which is a big white fluffy brush. I thought it was going to be more like the Zoeva 228, but it’s a lot bigger! I like to use it with my powder contour as it gives me more precision. The last brush was a waste of money really, because it’s pretty much the same as the M150, except it’s black and called M501. It feels a bit more scratchy that the M150, but I like to use it to highlight my face. 

I am yet to wash them, so I guess I’ll update you if they don’t wash very well, or if they change in terms of softness etc.. Gosh, Can’t believe it’s September already, time is going so quickly! I’ll be going on a girls holiday pretty soon and I can’t bloody wait! I’m in much need of a break. Have you guys got any holidays coming up still?

Enjoy your weekend!
Lots of love, SFS.


  1. I love morphe brushes. Still haven't tried Zoeva but their brush collection looks stunning.

    The Lisa's World

  2. I really want to try Zoeva brushes. So many bloggers talk so highly about them! I just bought a few new brushes from Morphe though, so I don't think I'll be buying some soon. Haha

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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