Morning you beautiful bunch! I am so excited to share this post with you today! One, I absolutely loved taking these pictures, thanks Ricardo. Second, these products were my first ever blogger mail! And lastly, my hair smells incredible. Nice smelling hair is one of my things, there’s just something so attractive about it. 

Neäl & Wolf is a brand I've seen on FeelUnique a few times, but because I’m a creature of habit, I always end up going for what I know. However, the team at Neäl & Wolf asked if I would like to recreate their Enchant look, which is a gorgeous boho style fishtail plait, and I was like hell yeah! Fishtail braids always look so intricate and hard to do, but they’re actually one of the easiest styles of braids in my opinion. I love how they always add an effortless vibe to your look, yet at the same time they draw so much attention.

To start this look off I washed my hair using the Neäl & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner. The shampoo is really thick and creamy and lathers up really well. It also smells divine! Usually with more high end brands I find that the smell only lasts a day, but with this brand my hair smells nice even up to three days after washing it. I only wash my hair once or twice a week, so I love products that hold their scent. The conditioner I thought was going to be a let down as it says to leave it on for 30 seconds. 30 seconds?! My hair is quite dry due to how many time I’ve bleached it, so I thought 30 seconds was never going to be enough, but it worked super well! I thought it would be hard to brush through my hair, but it was probably the easiest time I’ve had untangling my locks.

After towel drying my hair I added quite a hefty amount of the Elevate Volumising Lotion onto my roots and through to the ends of my hair. This product gives serious volume and manageability. Sometimes after washing your hair, it can become too soft to the point where you can’t even work with it, using this product helps you get fullness and control over it. I then added a few spritzes of the Guard Heat Protection Spray before using straighteners. I hardly ever use heat on my hair without using a heat protector so this is a must for me.

Now, moving on to the fun bit, the fishtail braid! I started by splitting my hair down the middle so I had a clear parting. I then worked on the left side first. To do the fishtail plait, hold a section of your hair and split it into two sections. Let’s call these sections A and B. Use your index finger to grab a small piece of hair from the outer section of A, and pass it to the inner section of B. Then grab a small piece of hair from the outer section of B, and pass it to the inner section of A. And you basically repeat this until the braid is complete. I tied the ends with a clear elastic so that it wasn’t noticeable. After the braid is secure, start pulling it apart so that it can become fuller. I also backcombed the braid to give it a more textured, worn in look. And finally, to add that boho feel, I curled a few strands of hair to frame my face.

To hold the hair in place I used the Control Flexible Styling Spray. I love hairsprays like this. Sprays that don’t feel heavy and are gone when you brush your hair. Lastly for a bit of shine, I used a generous amount of the Glow Super Shine Spray. I’m usually more into matte hair, but when you backcomb your hair it can tend to look a little rough, so this helps bring life back into it.

Overall I am mega impressed with all these products. The shampoo, conditioner and the heat protection spray are all products I use when I wash my hair now. The Volumising Lotion and the Super Shine Spray are more occasion products for me, if I’m going for a certain look, or if I’m going out for a dinner or drinks with friends and want some extra vavavoom to the locks. 

Have a good start to the week babes!
Lots of love, SFS.

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