Happy October loves! Wow, can’t believe how fast last month went. I am so pleased we’re now in Autumn though. It’s by far my favourite season of the year. How have you all been? I’ve been all over the place! Last month I went away to Chania with two friends of mine for a few days, and then I went to Portugal for a week. It was a much needed holiday. I’ve been feeling so tired recently, with so much lack of energy, but I finally found out why. I’m anaemic. I recently went to the doctors about my irregular heartbeat (basically my heart always skips a beat), and they suggested I do some blood tests, and turns out I’m anaemic. I’ve been back and forth from the doctors this whole month pretty much, and October seems to be going in the same direction. 

Anyway, enough of medical stuff, on to more bad news, and the most devastating news of them all for me, our landlord doesn’t allow us to have a dog! I am absolutely heartbroken! The first question we asked when we viewed this place was if they allowed dogs, and we were told that 'it shouldn’t be an issue'. But turns out it is an issue, even though we’ve offered to pay for any damage the dog causes. I am so gutted! I was already looking for dog toys, beds, treats etc... I must admit that I did shed a tear or two. But hey ho, I’m planning on doing my driving license soon, so fingers crossed I pass and then we can move to a bigger house where dogs are allowed!

Dress ZARA, Sunglasses RAY BAN, Hat Local Shop in Rhodes, Bikini Top PRETTY LITTLE THING

Right, now I’m off to work. I just thought I’d come on here and give you a little update on where I’m at right now and what’s been going on in my life. The whole anaemia thing really caught me by surprise, but now I know why I’ve been feeling so deflated and with so much lack of energy. I’m waiting for some blood test results, and hopefully from there I can start some sort of treatment. So yeah, sorry I’ve been away for so long. Hope you’re all having a great start to the month! <3

Lots of hugs, SFS.

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  1. Oh no.. you were looking forward into having a dog. It's a shame that they did that. Your pictures looks amazing tia <3 xx


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