I kinda made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t post any more shoes on the blog for a while, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these with you. I had been eyeing up these Aquazzura beauties for such a long time, but I just couldn’t justify the price, until they went on sale! Aaah, I know!! I literally squealed with excitement when I saw that they were on reduction. I ran downstairs to get my card and purchased them on the spot. They went down from £490 to £195, it'd be silly not to!

I’m usually not a lover of sales, mainly clothing sales because the clothes are always all over the place, the shops are always crowded and it’s almost impossible to find something decent in the middle of all the mess. Online sale shopping however, is a completely different story, especially when it comes down to designer items. Who doesn’t want a few pounds knocked off such a hefty price tag? These shoes went on sale on Net-a-Porter and I just couldn’t resist getting them. Although £195 still isn’t cheap, it’s definitely a friendlier price tag and one I can justify a lot more.

They won’t be to everyone’s taste, as with everything. I feel like I’m going through a phase of loving ‘pretty ugly’. Like with the Gucci Slingback Loafers, they're absolutely hideous, yet I can’t get enough of them. I get the same vibe from these shoes. There’s something so ugly about them, but at the same time I find them the most beautiful shoes ever. How weird! Haha. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I like them even more in person than I did when I first saw them online. 

They’re a gorgeous tan suede with a white pattern running through it. They have a gorgeous bohemian vibe and that really translates to any outfit you pair them with. As usual with Aquazzura, they tie around the ankle and have tassels right at the end. The ankle straps are also suede and I have to say that they're holding up really well when it comes to cleanliness. Usually I spray my suede shoes with a suede protector before wearing them out, however I couldn’t resist wearing these as soon as I unboxed them, and so far they’re still as good as new. I should really spray them some time soon though.

I showed them to a friend of mine before they even went on sale, and he told me in a very nice way that they were ugly and tried to persuade me to get the Wild Thing's instead - I always appreciate your bluntness Apo haha. And I will agree, the Wild Thing's are a lot prettier, but if I’m thinking of practicality and cost per wear, I know that I will get much more wear out of these. The shoes and the heel is super comfortable. The side of the shoes don’t dig into the foot at all, and the heel is only 50mm, so it’s the ideal everyday height. I got these in my usual designer shoe size, EU35 and they fit like a glove.

I’m starting to think that Aquazzura are my favourite designer shoe brand. I just love so many of their shoes at the moment, my wishlist is never ending! But I am aware that my designer shoe addiction is getting a little out of hand, so I’ve told myself that I am not allowed any more shoes until October at least! Let’s see if I can refrain from buying more until then...

What are your thoughts on them? Hope you have an amazing weekend!
Lots of love, SFS.


  1. Ooo, love these! The print and lacing look so good!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thank you Nicole! They have a very beautiful print indeed :D x

  2. Adoro todos os pormenores e elegância desses sapatos, simplesmente lindosssss.


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