Wow, it’s been a hell of a long time since I went out and bought makeup. I kind of went off makeup for a while, nothing really excited me much, but ever since the launch of the new Urban Decay Heat palette - which I am dying to get my hands on, I have had the urge to buy new makeup bits again. I went into town the other day and popped into Debenhams to go by the Makeup Forever counter. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from the brand before, so I was excited to finally get my hands on something. Obviously I made a few other detours and ended up buying more things from different makeup counters. Who goes into the shops only to buy one thing anyway? I haven’t had these products for very long, so this won’t be a review, it’ll just be a little haul with a ‘what I think about them so far’ kinda post.

Starting off with the thing I am most excited about, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation. Aaaah, this is just something else! I watched a couple of videos on Youtube of some girls wearing this foundation and saying that it left a dewy finish, and I was immediately sold. I love me some glow. I got matched to the shade Y405 which matches my skin perfectly at the moment, but undoubtedly will be too light for me in a couple of months - or weeks if the sun doesn’t make a comeback soon, but that’s ok as I’ll just use it as a contour stick. It’s super creamy, very easy to blend and it gives such a beautiful coverage! It’s a medium to full coverage, which is very different to what I’ve been wearing lately aka no foundation, but I’ve been reaching for it everyday since I bought it. It also leaves a satin finish on the skin which looks absolutely stunning, it makes my skin look so healthy. I’m not sure if people with oily skin would get on with this, but if you have normal to dry skin, I think you will fall in love! It also looks invisible on the skin, it doesn’t look like you have any foundation on at all. I am completely and utterly obsessed with it. I haven’t been this excited to do my makeup in such a long time, but having this in my collection has brought back the spark.

(L to R: Chanel Eyeshadow, NARS Matte Concealer, Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick foundation)

I also wanted to try a new concealer as the concealer I am currently using has been creasing under my eyes even after powdering. The whole internet has been raving about the new NARS Soft Matte concealer, so I picked one up too. I got mine in the shade Custard which was the same shade I had in their Radiant Creamy Concealer. Although I was aware that this is a matte concealer, it is definitely a little drier than I expected. It blends really easily, it’s super creamy on application and stays put all day, but it is a little dry to the touch after it’s on. I’ll see how it works with my skin in the long run, like I said, I’ve only had these products for a very short period of time, so I’ll let you know of any updates or change of opinions in a future post. 

Something I have also wanted recently was a cream eyeshadow. I am such a fan of easy to do eyeshadow looks, the ones that you can just slap on without requiring too much effort or time. I was browsing the web for some Charlotte Tilbury ones, but when I went in to Debenhams I stopped by the Chanel counter and found their Ombre Première eyeshadows and fell in love with so many shades! I had to swatch all of them on the back of my hand. I ended up going for Terre Brûlée which is a sort of burnt gold. It has a slight brown and orange tinge to it. The formula is very weird, it’s a cream that feels like a mousse and has a bounce to it. Very strange combination of textures, but very long lasting finish. This does not budge, nor does it crease. The brush that comes with the eyeshadow is also pretty useful which makes a change! Usually I throw these brushes out immediately, but this one has the perfect amount of density and feels pretty sturdy too.

Lastly, I picked up MAC’s Warm Soul blusher. For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot more bronzy and brown, but it’s a peachy pink. It does have a slight hint of brown in it but not too much and it also has a touch of gold shimmer. It’s very pretty. I know it’s been a cult favourite for such a long time, but it just never really appealed to me until now. I am always late to the party haha.

So these were my purchases. I am dying to get my hand on the Urban Decay Heat palette and quite possibly some more makeup. These little purchases have awaken my love for makeup and I feel like there’s so much more I want to try! If you have any product recommendations please leave them below :)

Hope you’re all having a fab day!
Lots of love, SFS.


  1. The Chanel eyeshadow looks stunning, wow! Would love to see you create a look using it. Also, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Nars concealer. Everybody has been raving about it and going on about how perfect it is. I've yet to see a less than positive review on it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I love the NARS concealer! My main concern was that with time it would end up drying the skin under my eyes, but not at all. It's just very dry to the touch, but it doesn't affect the moisture of my skin underneath which is great :) xx


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