Throughout the whole year I am the biggest skincare advocate! I’ll cleanse, tone, use my serum, eye cream, moisturiser and an SPF. And yes, that includes using SPF during winter, but as soon as I’m in the sun, I somehow almost forget everything I believe in and how much I don’t want wrinkles and just want to go dark as quickly as possible. I can't be the only one, can I? Although I tan very easily and very quickly, the first couple of days in the sun I always burn, however, I didn’t burn nearly as much this past holiday and I believe it’s down to these amazing products.

I’ve heard of Institut Esthederm for a few years now but always thought their products were a little expensive for sun creams. They usually wash off when I go for a swim so I didn’t see the point in spending so much on an SPF, but Feel Unique were having a sale on their Sun & Tan range so I decided this was the time to go for it. They also sent me a little travel/sample size of their Bronz Repair Anti-Wrinkle Tanning Cream, which is probably my favourite face SPF ever and I’ll never go on holiday without it again. It smells amazing, doesn’t leave a horrible white cast on the face and I feel like it really protected my face in the sun. I usually burn on my face the first couple of days, and end up with a really red nose and rosy cheeks, however this time I tanned straight away. Definitely a firm favourite of mine and one I’ll be taking away with me in future sunny holidays.

For my body I used the Adaptasun Protective Body Lotion. What’s funny with Institut Esthederm is that they don’t use an actual factor number, they determine the strength of the protection by using sun symbols. At the bottom of every bottle you’ll see either one, two or three sun symbols. One sun meaning you’ll be exposed to soft sun, two sun symbols stand for moderate sun and three sun symbols means you’ll be exposed to extreme sun. I was kind of debating which one to go for, but ended up going for the moderate sun protection. It done a fab job! I did burn on my shoulders, but only slightly, usually I burn a lot more and in other places too. My skin always felt moisturised whilst using this and I always felt like applying more. Some sun creams I find are a real chore to apply, they’re either really sticky or really oily, so I tend to avoid using them, but with this one I felt like using it all the time. It was super soft and creamy and blended out with hardly any effort needed. 

One I’ve been using for years and just had to mention is the Garnier Golden Protect Protective Oil. This one is quite oily and messy to apply but I won’t deny that it helps with tanning quicker. My boyfriend swears by this, he literally won't use anything else. He used up the whole bottle in seven days and only went for SPF 15, can you tell who the sun worshipper is out of the two?

What are your favourite sun creams?
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  1. I'm so bad about SPF. I've only burned once in my life. But anyone can get skin cancer! It's good that you're so efficient with applying SPF. The Adaptasun one sounds great!


  2. I always use SPF because my skin is so fair and burn easily. The one I've been using this summer is from the Avene range.


    1. I've actually never tried any sun protection from Avene, but I'm a big fan of the brand. Will have to try it in the future x

  3. I try to use SPF every day. I have a sensitive skin so I need protection even during winter.


    1. I also try to use it everyday, it's so important to protect the skin x

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  5. I never step away from home without sunscreen, I have very sensitive skin

    Kate x | http://katealifestyle.blogspot.com

    1. I think it's something more people should do. Thank you for reading x


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