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I think I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone out shopping and came back home empty handed. Not because I didn’t like anything, but because I just wasn’t feeling myself that particular day. I still ask myself why I even bother leaving the house to go shopping on days where I feel like that, but hey ho. Last month I was out shopping for some new fashion pieces for my Greek holiday, and it occurred to me that there’s always a reason as to why I sometimes come back home with nothing, and it’s usually down to very minor things that actually make a very big difference. 

1. Be In A Good Mood 
There’s nothing worse than going out in a bad mood. If your mind is already set for the day and you’re feeling negative about everything, chances are you won’t like anything you try on. Seriously, when was the last time you had a successful shopping trip whilst being in a bad mood? Yep, can’t remember mine either.

2. Make Sure Your Hair Looks Good 
Minor detail, but to me it makes all the difference. I’m one of those girls that would rather have nice hair than nice makeup. I feel quite confident without makeup, but if my hair is looking rubbish (greasy, flat, frizzy) I just won’t feel like I look good. Personally when my hair looks good I can tell straight away if I like an outfit or not, mainly because I can imagine myself wearing it, wether it’s for a night out or for every day, it just gives me the perfect idea of how it’s going to look on me when I actually style it.

3. Wear A Bit Of Makeup 
Ok, so I know I just said that I would rather have nice hair than nice makeup, but a little concealer or brow gel never hurt anybody. Of course if you feel more confident wearing a full face of makeup, do it! Like I said, when you have nice hair or nice makeup it can give you a better idea of how you’re going to style the outfit. Feeling pretty will most definitely improve your mood and in turn, your confidence, so you’ll definitely be more likely to purchase something.

4. Don’t Go During That 'Time Of The Month' 
Uff, it’s that time for me right now and I am not loving life haha. This is a funny one because apparently during ‘that time of the month’ women are supposed to look the most attractive, however I find that going clothes shopping whilst there’s so much going on down there really doesn’t help. You feel bloated, you feel pain, you feel emotional... You get the gist, it’s just not a good idea. 

5. Make Sure All Your Bills Are Paid
Boringgg, but it had to be said. Back when I lived at my parents I loved going out and splurging on clothes, but lately I can’t help but feel a little guilty if I haven’t paid my rent or my electricity bill. There’s nothing worse than buying something and feeling that regret and worry because you know that you have outstanding bills. I know we all have different incomes so this won’t apply to everyone, but be smart when it comes to spending. I always pay my bills, save some money and then I’m free to spend money on whatever I fancy buying. Ok, boring talk over!

What are some of your shopping tips?

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Lots of love, SFS.


  1. The hair one definitely applies to me! My hair is quite long, and so it really does make a difference to how an outfit looks. I think going at a less busy time means you can get a proper look as well, although saying that my local shopping centre is nearly always packed! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Oh definitely. Having nice hair can change an entire outfit! x

  2. Number 1 reallllly spoke to me. So often I just don't buy anything. The rest of the list has some great tips! Hope your Greek holiday's lovely!


    1. Me too and it's so annoying. Nothing worse than spending hours going into different shops, trying on clothes and coming back home with nothing haha. Thank you for reading x

  3. Know what you want. I don't like shopping unless I know what I'm going for, otherwise I'll definitely cine home empty handed.

    Mich x

    1. Yes, that's also a great tip! I'm usually like that too, I like to get inspo and an idea of what I want and then look for what I want in shops. Have a fab week! x

  4. The bad mood tip is so true... I've gone out shopping while in a bad mood before and the whole trip is just painful and frustrating!


    1. Haha it is isn't it? You just feel like everything is ugly and that nothing suits you. The worst! Thank you for reading, have a fab week x


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