Happy Sunday loves! How was your week? Mine was pretty full on. I had such long flights and ended up being called off home standby not once, but twice! 4am wake up calls are horrendous. By the way, a home standby is when you’re at home and can be called to go into work if someone calls in sick or doesn’t show up. I also went out to play a game of bowling, which I am getting really good at if I do say so myself. I used to be the one who needed the barriers, but I no longer use them and have managed a couple of strikes and spares. I know, check me out! :P

A couple of days ago I also went to the cinema with a friend on mine to watch Girls Trip, oh my. That was the most hilarious film I’ve seen in a while and with such a nice story behind it too. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you do, it’s brilliant. In a couple of days I’ll also be sharing my post on the looks I created using the ABH Subculture palette, so if you want to see what looks I came up with, make sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin’. Speaking of, what are your thoughts on Bloglovin'? I used to link my profile at the end of every post, but I stopped doing it since I saw a couple of bloggers talking about how it doesn’t help your blog views and how it actually reduces them?? Is this true? Let me know if you’ve heard anything about it.

Also, something really exciting happened this week! I got my first ever blogger mail!!! Like, what?! A company who I will be writing a post on soon, contacted me and asked if they could send me products for review. You have no idea how grateful I am! Like, honestly, I feel so positive about blogging lately. I’m enjoying it more than ever and seeing you guys engage with me in the comment section makes my entire day! Last year when I started this blog, I used to be all about the follower numbers and I used to spend hours following other people so that they could follow me back sad, but true. Whereas lately, I’ve still been reading other peoples blogs, but I’ve just mostly been focused on my blog and my content. Just doing my own thing really and not getting swayed by what others are doing. I’m also not so great at promoting my posts, but somehow you guys are finding my blog. How?! It makes my day when I get a comment on a post, so thank you! It means a lot <3

Now, let’s move on to this outfit from Zara that I wore in Kefalonia. For some reason I have it in my head that I’ve written about this outfit before. How bizarre? I can remember exactly what I wrote too. You can’t imagine the amount of times I’ve scrolled through my posts to see if I haven’t actually posted it before haha. Weird! Anyway, back to the outfit. I love outfits like this, easy to throw on and it actually looks like you made an effort. This playsuit is super comfortable, it feels very soft on the skin, and I love that it has poppers at the front, which means you can have it done all the way up to the top, or open it a little further down to show off some cleavage. 

It was a struggle to get it on and off though! It’s a size small, which I normally am anyway, and it does seem a little oversized in the top half, however, it was super hard for me to get my arms in it. Yes, that meant no toilet trips for me while I was out. Despite that minor detail, I absolute adore that it has pockets. Dresses, shorts, trousers, any bottom half of clothing with pockets always gets bonus points from me, it just adds that extra touch of effortlessness. The belt that comes with the playsuit I’m not too keen on, and I don’t know why I wore it like this. Usually I would tie it into a double knot, but I went down the no imagination lane that day and done it how it’s meant to be worn. Boring! My favourite part of the whole playsuit is the white and navy details on the arms and on the front. It gives off a nautical vibe which is probably my favourite look ever! For shoes I wore these ASOS white sliders. I got them last year and they’re still going strong. 

Hope you have a good start to the week!
Lots of love, SFS.

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