Oh hello!! I was doing so well, can’t believe I've missed two posts, well technically one because I am publishing this today. Still, very naughty, Sandra! I’ve just been so busy the last couple of weeks. You know them weeks when you’re working all the time and then when your days off come around you’re busy too? Yeah, it’s been like that. 

My 17 year old cousin and his girlfriend came to visit this weekend and I absolutely loved having them here. Can’t believe he’s got a girlfriend, I feel like only yesterday he was 8 years old haha. Where’s time going? But yeah, I finally met his other half and she’s such a lovely girl. They’re so in love bless them. They came to visit in the most perfect time, it was the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol this weekend, not sure if you’ve ever heard of it? It’s basically a hot air balloon festival, where there are a lot of rides, games, food vans and at the end of the night they have a ‘Night Glow’ show. It’s basically loads of hot air balloons being lit up to the sound of music. It’s incredible and definitely something I would highly suggest you get on your ’to see’ list. During the day you can also see loads of balloons scattered around in the air. It really is something special! 

Yeah, you could say it was windy!

This outfit I wore back when I was in Kefalonia and I have to say I felt rather comfortable in it. Usually I’d feel very unlike myself in a skirt, but something about the shape of this one made me feel somewhat confident. I picked it up from Missguided for only £15 so as you can imagine it doesn’t feel like incredible quality, it feels very cheap, but it’s comfortable and I knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of it in the UK anyway, so I wouldn’t want to spend too much money on a clothing piece like that.

The shirt is from River Island. I bought this a couple of months ago and I really like it. It’s very oversized and baggy, so it does look a little boxy, however I adore the cold shoulder detail! To disguise the boxy look I tied the shirt into a bow at the front and tucked away the loose ends. I’m a huge white shirt lover, however looking back on this outfit now I do think that it would’ve looked a lot better if I wore the skirt with a t-shirt instead. What do you think?

My sliders are from New Look. I absolutely adore New Look shoes, they’re my favourite highstreet shoe brand. I just find their footwear so comfortable and great quality, especially for the price too! Pretty much all my non-designer shoes are from New Look, that’s how much I love them. These sliders are no exception, they’re mega comfy. When I first wore them I thought that the front part of the suede was going to dig into my big toe and cause a blister, but nope, nothing. I found myself reaching for these shoes every day while I was away. The sunnies are Ray Bans, they’re currently my favourite sunglasses and I wear them every time the sun is out.

I’m currently half way through writing a review on the ABH Subculture palette. Gosh, everyone and their mum has been banging on about this palette. I’ll let you know my thoughts on it soon, just waiting for a day off where I can actually shoot some looks. Right, now I’m off to bed. Been staying up way too late and I have a lot of sleep to catch up on :) 

Night, night - or good morning!


  1. These photos are gorgeous, you look amazing! Love the skirt x


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