If you don’t already know this about me, skirts are something I don’t wear a lot of. Back when I was in primary school I got bullied almost everyday for how skinny my legs were, and even though that was a long time ago, those words have always stuck with me. It’s hard to get over something that was so drilled into your mind from a young age. I guess words said to you as a kid have a much bigger effect than words said to you as an adult. As a child, you almost believe that what the bullies say is true. So yeah, for the longest time I never wore short skirts. I was always a shorts kinda girl because they showed off the thickest part of my thigh, so I didn’t feel so self-conscious. However, I recently went into the shops and found this gorgeous pleather skirt. I tried it on and actually kinda liked how it looked. This was something unheard of from me! Unless it was a midi or a maxi skirt, I would always hate how skirts looked on me.
I’ll be honest, it took me a while to work up the courage to wear it, but as you may have read all over twitter, the weather in the UK was somewhat glorious a few days ago, so I found the perfect opportunity to put it on. And guess what? I LOVED how my legs looked! Not sure what it was. Maybe it was the skirt itself, maybe I’ve put on a bit of weight, maybe my legs were swollen due to flying? Or maybe I just bloody loved them for what they are. And as of right now, I’m no longer scared or afraid to get my legs out. Something in me just clicked. How lucky am I to still have all my body parts and actually be able to use my legs to walk around? I know it sounds a bit ‘deep’ and cheesy, but we take small things like this for granted. So if you also got bullied, or are currently getting bullied, think like Ru Paul ‘unless they’re paying your bills pay them bitches no mind’
Right, now for the outfit, I went into Miss Selfridge and found this gorgeous pleather skirt. I love the wrap effect at the front and how versatile it is. It can definitely be dressed up or down and it's great for all year round as leather never goes out of fashion. The grey drop armhole top is from Missguided (similar). I picked this up last year for my trip to Greece and haven’t got much use out of it, so it was nice to finally wear it. Since the top has the drop armhole effect, I wanted a lacey bra, to show underneath. This one is from Oysho and it's quite possibly the comfiest bra on earth. And finally for the shoesies, I initially wanted to wear my Adidas Tubular Shadow trainers with this look, but when I tried them on I just wasn’t feeling it. So instead I went for my Chanel Slingbacks. They wouldn’t be my first choice for a look like this, but I really liked how it dressed up the look. I find that sometimes leather can look a little tacky, and almost quite ‘hooker-y’ haha don’t know why, but it does to me, so adding a classy feminine shoe took away the harshness of the leather effect. Ooh, and I almost forgot, the sunnies are Dior So Real

Hope you’re enjoying the week so far!
Lots of love, SFS.


  1. Amei este look, a saia é maravilhosa.....

    1. Obrigada Lisete! Nunca tinha tido uma saia assim, mas adorei! x


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