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Although I’ve always had relatively strong nails, they somehow always break on the corners and often quite far down making it a painful experience. I must avow that working with metal trolleys and closing overhead compartments hasn’t really helped with keeping my nails in their best shape. Back in 2013 I watched a nail care routine on Youtube where they mentioned how much stronger their nails were thanks to the OPI Nail Envy. I picked one up for myself and haven’t used anything else since.

It’s a strengthening treatment that helps with chipping, breakage and overall health of the nails. The application method is quite precise; apply two coats on the first day, followed by another coat every other day for 7 days. After a week you remove the nail polish and start the treatment all over again. Initially I done this religiously for about six to seven months. Now I find that I can just apply two coats at the beginning of the week, paint my nails with whatever colour and that protects my nails from any strain that they might go through. 

I can definitely tell a difference when I haven’t used this in a long time, my nails become more fragile and break a lot quicker. Of course you can’t just rely on the product and expect miracles, you still need to take good care of your nails. Always make sure your nails are nicely trimmed, cuticles are moisturised, no sharp edges and don’t put a lot of pressure on them. Personally I like to keep my nails in a round shape as I find that they don’t get caught on things as much. 

I’ve gone through two bottles of the Original Nail Envy and most recently I picked up the Matte version. Matte isn’t the word I would use to describe it. It’s definitely not as shiny as the original formula, but it’s not matte either, there’s still a sheen to it. I quite like it that way, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for something that’s discrete. I can’t tell a difference in performance, they’re both amazing. Using this regularly can keep my nails long for at least six months before they break, which with my job, is quite an impressive amount of time. Unfortunately I have recently cut my nails because two of them gave up on me and I really don’t like having a mix of long and short, so here’s a picture from last month when they looked a lot better than they do now. Please excuse the iPhone quality.
Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? :)

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