Hello. Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Evening.

Seeing as its my first post on here I decided to share with you 25 facts about myself. They’re all a bit random but I figured it would be a good opportunity for you to get to know me a little bit better.

1. I have size 3 feet, but I sometimes need to go down to a size 2 for slip on heels. 
2. When I was younger I used to collect pyjamas.
3. I was very blunt as a child and used to embarrass my mum in front of her friends by telling them that they couldn’t cook, or that their houses were dirty and needed a clean. Sorry mum!
4. Every since dying my hair for the first time in 2010, I can never decide between being a blonde or a brunette.
5. The three things I’m most afraid of are spiders, deep water and heights.
6. Although I love confectionary, I’ll always pick crisps over chocolate.
7. I’ve never attended a gym class because I can't do crunches. My back doesn’t leave the floor.
8. When I find something really funny, I'll keep laughing about it for ages.
9. I’m starting to develop an obsession for designer shoes.
10. I’m socially awkward and struggle to make conversation with people I’ve just met, but once you get to know me I’m pretty cool. If I do say so myself.
11. I have a terrible habit of picking the skin around my nails.
12. I like my feet way more than I like my hands.
13. I suffer with trypophobia (fear of small holes). It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.
14. I struggle falling asleep if I’m not holding on to something e.g. a teddy bear. 
15. I have never travelled outside of Europe. Hoping that changes soon.
16. Seeing a homeless person honestly breaks my heart.
17. I don’t like it when people touch my face without warning/permission #germaphobe
18. I love dogs and can’t wait to get my own.
19. Me and my boyfriend were in a long distance relationship for almost three years.
20. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Nothing beats a good German Market.
21. My purpose at the gym is to gain weight.
22. When I left college I got offered a job at the school to become a teaching assistant.
23. I tan really easily. 15 minutes in the sun would be enough for me to get a tan line.
24. I love pasta. Any pasta. All the pasta.
25. I don’t like cheese but I love watching people eat it.

Hope you enjoyed these little random facts about me. Let me know if you share any of the above. Trypophobia anyone? 


  1. Soon-to-be teaching assistant here! :) xx


    1. That's amazing! Congratulations :D Up to this day, I wonder how different my life would be if I had gone for that job. Hope it all goes well!!

  2. Welcome to blogspot :) I have only recently started blogging too!

    lots of love, Jane

  3. I always pick crisps over chocolate too :) yuck trypophobia I remember googling it once and not liking it one bit

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