Lush is just one of those shops that I can’t walk by without walking in. Something about the people who work there, who are ever so friendly, and of course, the smell, everyone inside is always in a good mood, it’s just all very inviting. For a while I have been trying to get my hands on the Million Dollar Moisturiser, but every single time I walk in it seems to be out of stock. Last time I went by Lush was around Christmas time, of course I went in to buy presents to give to people, but instead ended up buying a shedload for myself, oops! We’ve all done it right? I’ve used up a lot of the stuff I bought, but wanted to show you what remains in my Lush Christmas collection stash. Also, I won’t be going into detail on what they smell like, because I absolutely suck at describing scents so I’ll spare you haha. 

Let’s kick things off with my favourite, the Butterbear Bath Bomb. As you may be able to tell mine has been decapitated, but it’s by far one of my favourite bath bombs ever! I was initially sold on the fact that it’s a bear and has the cutest name in the world, but it smells amazing and is incredibly moisturising. I always feel like I’m giving my body a little treat whenever I use this and I never feel the need to moisturise when I get out of the bath.

The only Bubble Bath I got was the Santasaurus. I am yet to try this, but their bubble baths are usually great value for money as you can reuse them a few times before they run out. Also, how cute does it look with the santa hat? Yep. I’m not ready to let go of Christmas just yet! Two favourites that I always pick up are the So White and the Luxury Pud bath bombs. So White doesn’t look too exciting in the bath, but it’s one I always gravitate towards because of the amazing smell and calming effect it has on me. Luxury Pud on the other hand is one of those I always watch while it fizzles away into my bath. The colours are absolutely stunning and I love the smell it leaves in the bathroom! It’s a very relaxing scent, so I like to use this one in the evenings before bed. 

Last but not least, Shoot for the stars. I’m not actually sure that I’ve used this one before but the blue looks so pretty and I can imagine how gorgeous the gold glitter must look in the bath!

Do you have any Christmas Bath Bombs left? Let me know your favourites!

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Lots of love, SFS.

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