Welcome to 2017 you sexy bunch! Hope you all had an incredible start to the year! I would love to know if you’re setting goals for this new year or if you’re just rolling with it like I am? I’ve seen a few people bashing people’s goals, and taking the mick out of people who have new years resolutions, and I’ll be honest, the eye roll is so real I almost see the back of my head haha. If the new year is giving someone the motivation to better themselves, then why not encourage it? Anywayyy, I turned 25 a couple of months ago and wanted to share 25 bits I’ve learnt along the way :)

1. Time Flies By After You Turn 18 
Seriously though! I remember being 13 and all I could think about was what I would do when I turned 18. It took forever to happen and when it finally did, poof! Time just flew past. Like, literally, I feel like I turned 18 yesterday! 

2. Karma Is Real 
It really is and I love it! People have done me wrong in the past and instead of retaliating or getting back at them I just cut them out of my life. Three years later I heard that things didn't work out quite well for them. I mean sure, it took three years, but it was bloody worth the wait! 

3. Mum Knows Best 
Trust me, you will get to a point in your life where you're gonna realise 'wow, mum was right all along'. That person your mum told you she didn't trust, turns out she was right. That boy you thought was the one for you but mum said he was a player, she was right again. You get the gist. 

4. You Prefer Friday Nights In Rather Than A Night Out
Most definitely! Nothing compares to getting a Dominos takeaway and chilling to Netflix after a hard week of work. I'm not saying you'll stop going out, but you'll prefer nights in a lot more. 
5. Going Out To A Bar Is Much Better Than Going To A Club 
A bar is much more appealing when you get to 25. You can still get your drinks on while being able to actually hear what your friends are saying. 

6. Moving Out Of Your Parents House Is Scary, But It’s The Best Experience 
Leaving your parents house is such a scary thing to do, but it's also the best. You learn so much about yourself, you learn how to do so many things that you wouldn't have if you stayed at home. If you're considering it, do it!

7. Being Lazy Is Ok 
Just because you're no longer a teenager doesn't mean you're not entitled to having a couple of lazy days. Heck, I've had a couple of lazy weeks, ok, maybe a lazy month, but it's ok to take some time out to chill.

8. You Get Hotter With Age 
You'd think that with age and wrinkles you'd get a bit less attractive, but I've found that actually it's the opposite. I look at all of my older friends and they look even more gorgeous now than they did when they were 20. 

9. You Don’t Care About Other People’s Opinion 
Nope, and why should you? The only opinion that matters truly is your own!

10. It’s Ok To Be You! 
Yes, yes it is! Stop changing yourself to please other people. I know it's cheesy, but honestly being you is the best thing, and it's what's going to make people remember you. 

11. You Start To Turn Into Your Mum 
When we're younger we try to act like we're so much cooler than our parents and always say that we'll be nothing like them in the future... Haha, that's where you're wrong! It will happen eventually and if you're lucky like I am, it's an incredible thing.

12. Paying Bills Sucks 
A necessity, but not exactly what I wanted to be spending my money on. 

13. Toothpaste And Washing Powder Doesn’t Miraculously Appear In The House 
It's a given you might say, but when I first moved out my parents house I didn't think I would have to spend money on these things. It's one of those products my parents always have in the house and I just assumed I would have them in my house waiting for me when I moved out.

14. You Become More Grateful 
As you grow older you become grateful for smaller things and smaller gestures. It's not about what you could have, it's about what you do have, and you're thankful for that. 

15. You’re Better Off Without Certain People 
Some people bring absolutely nothing to your life. If all they're doing is complaining, sitting around waiting for things to happen, making you feel crap about yourself or just bring you unnecessary hardship, cut them loose. You don't need them.

16. You And Your Friends May Not Have Much In Common Anymore 
It's normal to have different life goals as you grow older, it doesn't mean you and your friends are no longer friends, you just have different life aspirations, and that's ok. 

17. Laughing At Yourself Is The Best 
Don't take yourself too seriously is what I'm trying to say.

18. One Best Friend Is All You Need 
If you're lucky enough to have a bunch of really close friends you can count on, that's great! But if you're like me and have always just had one close friend who you can always count on, feel proud! One good friend is better than six fake ones. 

19. Never Look Up Health Symptoms Online
Because you will get pregnant... and die!!

20. It’s Ok To Fail 
Even at 25 it's ok to fail. I feel as though people are scared of admitting that they failed something because of what others will think. Nobody is perfect, not you, not me, so just admit your failures. At the end of the day they're what make you grow.

21. If You’re Not Happy With Something, Change It 
Job, boyfriend, house, who cares? If it's not making you happy change it! I know we all like to say 'it's complicated', but maybe we're the ones complicating things. 

22. Asking For Help Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of
There's nothing more frustrating than going through life not knowing how to do something because we're too embarrassed to ask for help. 

23. It’s Ok To Not Have Your Life Figured Out Yet 
If you still don't know where you're heading with your life, calm down, neither do I! When you think of it, 25 is still quite young. Maybe you've just left uni and are at a point where you're stuck on what to do next. My advice it to just roll with it. Most people who seem like they have it all figured out are faking it anyway.

24. There’s Always Time To Learn 
One of my biggest regrets in life is not paying enough attention at school. I wish I could go back and do it all over again and actually take in the knowledge my teachers were trying to pass on to me. Gosh I sound like a mum, but it really is never too late to learn something new. So if you're thinking of learning a new language, or going to college or uni but are afraid it's too late, there's not such thing! Go for it!

25. Wearing Flat Shoes On A Night Out Is Totally Acceptable
Although I am partial to getting all glammed up for a night out, I will admit that it's far more comfortable and fun to go out in flats! You can shake what your mamma gave you all night long and not have to worry about going back home bare foot!

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  1. Aw loved reading these can defiantly relate to quite a few!!


  2. Não conhecia o teu blog mas adorei!
    Beijinhos :)


    1. Obrigada Fatima! Também não sabia que tinhas um, vou passar lá agora :) x


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